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    Thread: Plastic Pump Bottle Cell Phone

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      Plastic Pump Bottle Cell Phone

      I didnít get a response to my first interpretation request and Iím guessing thatís because it was super long, so Iím going to try another angle and keep this one super short.

      I stood outside in daylight holding a cell phone to my ear that looked like (or actually was?) a plastic pump bottle, like those used for hand soap or face wash. I wasnít speaking. The head of the pump cut through my hair, faced in toward my ear. I saw all of this from a third person perspective and recognized that it was strange, but Iím not sure if the bottle actually worked as a phone or if the Ďmeí holding it was aware it was a bottle.

      Iím a thirty-something female living in the US.


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      I guessing the dream represented you wanting to listen for advice concerning health while not being sure how to express yourself.

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      I read partway through your previous request and think if one has more free time that one could do a better interpretation on something of that length than a short scene as posted here. A better approach might be to post something with a length between the two.

      As for this scene:
      If the pump bottle puts you in mind of something you would generally use in a bathroom, then being outside (and listening to someone calling you?) might indicate a sense of vulnerabililty; of having more attention being directed your way than what you are comfortable with.

      Do you suffer from any form of social anxiety or are you more of an easygoing extroverted person?
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      As we go to sleep, whatever we experienced in the whole day gets processed, transferred and stored in our unconscious while we sleep.
      Dreams could be a way of venting beliefs and emotions that are no longer required by our unconscious. Sometimes when I dream like this, somethings get merged together like a pump phone because of what I did before I went to bed or something that was going on in my waking life.
      However, such dreams that you see repeatedly may have some significance. It could be communication by the Unconscious mind.
      Every dream has a unique meaning and can be interpreted only by the dreamer's Unconscious. If someone else tries to interpret those dreams, it won't make sense.
      Were you aware that you were dreaming? I don't know, it could be a lot of things. It could also mean nothing... How do you feel when you see yourself in the dream? How did they behave? Did you think you need to be more conscious of your health, like you need to talk to the doctore about something?
      How did you feel? Did you feel upset, confused or did you have any anxieties in your dream? This can help people interpret a dream better.
      Let's take a hypothetical situation, if a doubleganger is a symbol of happiness, seeing yourself, it could mean some event that would lead to happiness. But if you feel that seeing yourself or your other-self as being jealous, then seeing yourself could mean warning of some jealousy.
      While you are going to sleep, before you are about to enter the state of sleep, you can request your unconscious to tell you the meaning of the dream in a way your conscious can understand.
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