What does it mean to have a dream about protecting a Chinse White Dragon? I'm just wondering. The other day I had a WILD that I help this young girl who was the descendant of "The White Dragon"?
I'm just wondering because maybe I got that culture, folklore wrong and I just want to compare my dream to what is real or not. This makes me wanna learn more about the history in a way, You know?

The dream in Question: I became lucid through a WILD. I remember that I held onto my awareness throughout the falling asleep process, maintaining a steady mantra, and even literally talking myself through brief periods of vibrations and hypnagogia. I smoothly “emerged” into the air, floating above my house. I felt at peace at this point.
Then I remember transporting myself to a place that I was in Hong Kong. I remember that I landed in a back alley. I remember hearing screaming.
A woman was being chased down the street by these thugs and I could remember that at first, I thought the woman was getting mugged.
(Note: I wasn't a cop in the dream. Although, in the dream I sort of felt like it. What the heck?
I was mugged once, in real life when I was in college. I was a freshman, back then. I remember that I was outside of a club. My friend went across the street. All of a sudden, a guy came up to me, he pulled up a gun and pointed it at me. I could remember that I just froze. He demanded money. At one point, he shot at me, the bullet just barely missing my head. then I gave him my bag. Then he went off. People screamed.)
Anyways, back to the dream.
I remember that I became invisible in this dream and kicked some ass. The woman fainted. When she came to, I was going to bring her to the police but, then she said that their leader was running the town. Then we went back to my house.
This is where she told me why they were after her. Her name was Yang? I remember speaking fluently in the native tongue though I'm not that good at it in real life.
So I took her to a guy that I knew apparently, Professor John McGregor, a guy that I thought would help us out. He was a Professor in Ancient Folklore. He looked like Donald Pleasence, the Actor. This was where I learned more about this "White Dragon" stuff. He told me something about who the "White Dragon" may represent White is connected to innocence, holiness and above all the symbolism of peace. The "Black Dragon" represent is connected to death and destruction?
I remember that I had to restabilize at this point, though, I admit it was a little weak and I was still not fully in control of the dream.
At this point, there we were hiding out in the woods. Apparently, after another run-in with some of those men and some other lady in red, who looked like Lucy Liu after she disguised herself as a singing telegram.
In this dream, my control was a little limited. I mean that I knew I was dreaming... I felt myself present, in the dream but, as I did some of my RC but, it was not like I can be like superman and everything. I was able to become invisible without thinking. It's not something for me that I need to do much thinking. I just do it.
This dream seemed to be dark with red tones in it. I remember bandaging up my arm. The person I was protecting in the dream said that she thought she had no power. She didn't believe that the whole white dragon was real. She believed that it was a mistake.
Then we were attacked and the girl was kidnapped by this sorcerer who can turn himself to this black mist.
Later, I found out that it was the Professor all this time who was the sorcerer.
A very long story short, the sorcerer was trying to open some gateway to the beyond, and in result, the girl transformed into the white dragon as the sorcerer transformed into the "Black Dragon". There was a fight, at this point, was no longer really lucid but, I remember that at the end of the dream, I helped kill the Black Dragon and the girl went to normal (human) the girl turned and looked at me, she looked like me and then she s and black dragon dissolved into me.
Stupid dream, I know but, yeah, it was weird.