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    Thread: Dream my dog was attacked and a eagle had a little boy is it's talons

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      Dream my dog was attacked and a eagle had a little boy is it's talons

      Two days ago I had a bad dream and I can't get it out of my mind. Every time I let my dogs out to use the bathroom I keep seeing it.

      I dreamed I let my dogs out in the back yard like I always do. 2 of my 3 dogs were after something. Then the something appeared and it was a wolf type animal and it started attacking my dog. I yelled for my family to help me get the dogs back. I saw my son (15) and my boyfriend (I did not see my daughter (11) ) but it was like they didn't even hear me. When my dog came back he was hurt had tares but was going to be ok. Then a deer appears and it is torn open looking at me for help, but I felt helpless. Then my dream shifted and a large brown eagle was in front of me flapping it's huge wings taking off but was going kinda slow. It had a monkey and the monkey looked at me to help but I knew I couldn't help it. Then it turned into a little boy that the eagle had and they monkey was on the little boy. For a minute I almost didn't try to save him, but I did and I grabbing him around his ankles and pulled him free from the eagle. I picked him up and put his legs and arms around me like a koala bear and we walked off. I didn't know who's little boy this was. Then I woke up.

      I dream about animals trying to attach my family and I often however this was just weird.
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      Sorry, that dream really sounds scary. I'm an animal lover and have pets of my own, and I often have dreams related to my daytime fears about my pets.

      I'm not sure if anybody is ever able to correctly interpret somebody elses dreams, when not knowing circumstances. Fore example, do you live in the area where there is wildlife? Do your dogs sometimes get out and you worry about them getting hurt? Can you relate any of that to your dreams?

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      A few years ago I saw a red hawk carrying a large snake. Later the same day, I again saw a red hawk carrying a large snake. That image seemed to me to lend itself to interpretation the way people interpret dreams. In a private message to someone on this site, I suggested that the snake represented an animus, and that like the proverbial blind men feeling an elephant, different people would represent an animus in a different way. The next day, someone on another site posted that they'd just dreamed of an eagle carrying an elephant, and what could it mean. I thought that was pretty funny.

      Anyway, your eagle could be a Roc.

      Fate is scary. I'm not sure I believe that 'bad things happen to good people', because I'm not sure there are any good people. But some things happen that to me just shouldn't be, and I suspect that if anyone's heart isn't broken, it must be that they've managed to avoid paying attention. Maybe you're feeling this kind of anxiety, about things happening outside of your control? It is especially scary with teenagers, because some of them haven't developed have much sense yet, but they're potentially exposed to nearly everything. Even if your kids are safe, you must know or they must know some other kid who isn't, and of course you feel that.

      On the upside, a lot of apparent misfortune does work out for the best in the long run, but its hard to tell when you can't see the whole picture. So I guess we need to have faith. Personally, I perceive an amazingly high degree of intelligence and benevolence in providence, even though there's a lot of other stuff getting stirred around that seems wrong. I guess we can't totally understand, but it helps if we allow each other to be honest about what we are feeling, and support each other.

      Maybe that's a miss, but I hope it helps a little.
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      Freedom and Fear

      The family didn't hear you, when you called for help. The 2 of 3 dogs sounds like a relationship or maybe 2 family members, dogs being people animals.
      The wolf attacking your dog can be the wild attacking the tame or controlled in this way.
      Maybe not seeing the daughter is an issue or she is not part of this, or she could mean the feminine side of this is missing, like being receptive or connected.
      So this hurt, but things are going to be ok.
      A deer is feminine-like. Opposite the wolf, it's gentle and timid. This was you being hurt too, looking for help, feeling helpless.

      Then your thought shifts perhaps to individual freedom, in front of you but slow. So this can be halting your progress obviously, and out of control like a monkey that again you couldn't help.
      So the little boy can mean getting control, or mean your boy, monkeying around. Maybe the boy wants freedom and you want to slow that down, or you want to save him from something, and want to ground him to the earth so he doesn't fly off.
      Then you got totally attached to him, walking in uni-son, in a continuous hug. Maybe you feel the love is lost at this stage, which I imagine is totally normal.

      So maybe you fear your boy is growing away from you, or you are losing him as it's that age, 15; you thought for a minute to not save him. That can be why you didn't know who's little boy this was.
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