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    Thread: Skipping traffic lights & blackmailing

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      Skipping traffic lights & blackmailing

      Iím trying to peruse a career in interior & exterior design so i dreamt that i was riding with two men one of them is an architect whoís popular in social media ( never met him) he was driving me in an expensive blue rang rover . It was an amazing experience. He was driving very fast and the engine sound was music to my ears! also the other man I donít know him told him to slowdown He was skipping traffic lights 🚦 and i was afraid of the police . He said itís ok they will never catch me ! Then we ran away from an old police car 🚔 trying to follow us . Then he dropped me at an under renovation house 🏡 there were punch of female designers one of them was trying to paint a brown door with a white spray paint . I told her it will turn green! this kind of paint is not right for this door 🚪 it needs to be scratched then painted. I was right after all the door turned green an she had to scratch out the paint.
      Then i was blackmailing a person who was trying to harass my sister who was trying to treat him ( she works as nurse but in the dream shy was working as physiotherapist ) the man is from a known family but i never saw him before he had a gray hair . The i was driving to my house then i was trying to get in the floor was wet my were cleaning and i was afraid to slip and fall . The harasser was in the room I forced him to have sex with me in order to keep silence on the harassment!

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      Hello Foofofoofo,

      I encourage you to ask yourself this question: What aspects of these dreams are recurrent?

      When interpreting a dream, I believe there's a lot of noise. Some things are just random. Some things are just what they are. So, it's interesting what is a trend for you.

      Second, I like to focus on "how do you feel" in the dream (more than "what did you see?")

      In the first part of your dream, you are having an amazing experience with someone you admire in your field. Intuitively, sounds like you have a lot of excitement toward your job and field and this is or feels like a fulfilling career. Keep on that track, that seems great!

      In the second part, you start worrying about police. Police in dreams can be a symptom of two things. If they are caused by feelings relevant to real life, they might be a sense of oppression by society (ex. feeling like you don't belong, feeling difficulty following social norms...) Maybe you feel Imposter Syndrome at your job/in your field. Alternatively, police might be caused by feelings relevant to the dream experience. When we dream and realize our behaviour is off, we can feel a "lucid waking guilt." You start to realize, "hey... we shouldn't be skipping red lights... This is bad..." This is you starting to be a tiny bit more lucid and using real life logic on your dream and feeling off. Here, the police do not represent something in your life. They just represent that you are a tiny bit more lucid and they're coming after you because you feel wrong doing dream stuff. The solution for this is increased lucidity and understanding you are completely right doing dream stuff in dreams.

      Third part of your dream, you are doing job stuff. You take on a leader role in your dream. Interesting.

      Fourth part of your dream, you're protecting your sister. Just ask yourself, are there reasons for me to be scared for my sister? Am I feeling protective of her? Am I worried for her? If you think of something, that might be it. Otherwise, it might be random (obviously we'd want to protect our sibling). When confronting the threat, instead of running away or fighting, you have sex.

      I'm really curious what that means because this was a trend for me. I went through a phase where I would often seduce/have sex with the ultimate bad guy. Like, the clown It for example.

      Generally, you could question, am I running away? Am I fighting? Can I not solve this through discourse. Talk this out. Figure out what am I scared of?
      Now, seducing or having sex with your enemy... I don't know. I'm thinking maybe it's a type of surrender? Like accepting some things are out of control so you take responsibility for it and go for it. I'll think a bit more about this and come back.
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      I feel like this dream is describing one of your purposes in life. The first part of the dream you are seeing the attractive lifestyle of the famous architect but you find out somethings that make you uncomfortable. Skipping traffic lights ( breaking the rules, cutting corners for personal gain). Its revealing the truth about that particulater lifestyle.

      The second part of the dream shows what i believe is one of your roles in the design industry. You may be helping young female designers learn the trade. Giving them wisdom to help them grow in their skill.

      The third part of the dream is more of a personal correction. You care for your sister and want to protect her but, but your willing to compromise some personal boundaries in order to keep her safe. The floor being wet is a picture of a tricky situation with your sister. (Youre afraid to slip and fall).
      The good news is you dont have to compromise your wellbeing in order to protect your sister.

      Hope that helps.
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