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      heavy equipment, a fight, a gun

      I had this dream last evening and wrote an email to my friend (co-worker) so I am copying that email below. When I say "You" I am speaking of my friend.

      OK so it starts out looking at a piece of heavy equipment that has an arm with a bucket, it was pretty tall, unnaturally so. You had left the arm up in the air overnight which is of course not what one is supposed to do.

      Somebody asked you about it and I heard you say that someone (I think it was your boss) had left a jacket and a cheap handgun in the bucket so you left it up so no one would steal them.

      Somehow in the dream I knew that the owner of the machine was very mad that you had done that.

      Next scene: So I am on a ladder and you are behind a counter like in a store. That was all I saw of the store was me, you, the ladder and the counter (the counter was made of glass and there was nothing in it). Well in comes the owner of the heavy equipment and I thought that he was going to yell at you. Well he comes right over to you and sucker punches you twice in the face.

      You ducked behind the counter and he comes after you. I am seeing all this from my position on the ladder.

      Well you two go outside and I come out too. I guess he was getting the best of you 'cause I went to pull out my gun and could not get it out of the holster. The attempt to un-holster was very brief...the dream ended.

      Personal details: I am 65, my friend/co-worker is in his mid 30's I guess. I have worked with him for close to 20 years. He is a very knowledgeable young man and we do not work with heavy equipment but I would imagine that he would know how to operate such. We are both born under the sign of Gemini, he is 2 June, I'm 10 June.

      I was very surprised that the man hit him, I thought he was only going to yell. I was also surprised that my friend didn't instantly kick the guy's butt. I was also a bit schocked that the guy seemed to be getting the better of my friend as my friend is a pretty big guy and I would guess he could handle himself in a fight pretty well.

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      Of course interpret someone's dreams is hard and a strangers is real guess work. However, when I do I say the thing with confidence which I hope is not offensive, it is really nothing more than a guess.
      -you recently had a irritating case of arthritis or some other age related physical issue such as loss of physical stamina. You have some dissatisfaction with the slow loss of youth and now it is coming to a point where you are feeling frustrated by it. You have in the past been pleased with your masculinity and now that age is having a undeniable effect on your physical body you are feeling less capable of things you once were.- Let me know if that makes sense.
      Peace Be With You. Oh, and sure, The Force too, why not.

      "Instruction in Dream Yoga"

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