a friend of mine wanted to post their dream it is below minus one picture she gave me.. she wants her dream interpreted but doesn't want to start an account... I have not read it yet but I will...
Rox Hull
Sat, Feb 20, 9:44 PM (22 hours ago)
to me

dream one:
I "woke up" in the dream up and I couldn't get up, because the right side of my body was fully paralyzed and in massive burning pain, there were also some areas in my left side that were like that too but not the full right side. there was like a red light to the dream, and I was hearing my husband's voice in the other room talking to someone, and I would call him, but I couldn't say his name loud enough, for when I tried to say it louder my voice would go out
now for the time lines
the first line we were in some viking-esque world and I had been out the night before, and got in a fight, and someone beat the $%*) out of me which is why I was like this
the second timeline was the same world - except instead of a fight, I gotten drunk the night before (which is crazy because I don't even like the taste of alcohol)
the third timeline was more like this world except I had recently started taking a new medication and that was what was doing it and my husband and I went to the Doctor that prescribed it but he was on vacation and his nurse could do nothing

for the second dream you have to have a little background on me. I went to Boys Town from 2001 to 2005. Boys Town is a family - like place that helps kids. Even though the dreams were separated by 5-10 awake time, they seemed to be connected.
Dream two:
time seemed to be reversed, and I was back in one of my boys town families (I think the 2nd to last (the one I spent the longest time with)) in the living room. the room was bathed in red light and it had the sense of a nightmare, outside the window was the plyon in the picture (it's on campus but not out any house window) except it read "Boys Town 2015". There was another one outside another window. A deep voice said "Go back where the Virus began".
The dream changed. I was watching vehicles pass out another vehicle's window, as they did, years would "pass" and their designs would change with the years, then something changed and the "Virus" changed them and they would be changed to rusting husks. the dream ended and there was a sense of a message