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    Thread: 2 Dreams about a love interest

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      2 Dreams about a love interest

      Hi everyone ,

      I am new here and trying to find help with two dreams I had about someone I care.

      Here it goes:

      I was in the Marriott hotel with this love interest in a room and we were flirting, being silly and something tells me also intimate even though the scene was not about that. We both were looking out the window and heavy rain started, we saw pupils running away from the rain. I asked him why they don't buy rain coats.

      Later on I see us walking around with a very good friend of mine (in real life, but they don't know each other) and the guy pointed to the Marriott Spa. I thought maybe he wants us to go there together. Abruptly I see him riding away with his bike. My friend told me that he had to leave since he was scared his bike would get stolen and that he would be back. I was thinking to myself that he would text me in the evening. My friend also told me that he had an interesting question for her: If she had ever met any of my ex boyfriends. That seemed to show that he felt more for me.

      This is an interesting dream because the first part is sort of a summary of what happened between us (us being flirty, him leaving and i haven't heard from him since).

      Another dream that I had:

      I saw myself sitting, I guess in a bar, with this guy's friends. All of a sudden this guy shows up and sits in front of me in a red chair. He was smoking a joint and acting very cool and pretending he is not paying attention to me. All of a sudden again I see him sitting right next to me and even putting his hand on my thigh. His friends were talking about another party and that I should join them. They invited me. They were cooking with cheese there. This guy remembered that I don't like cheese (in reality i LOVE cheese) but I said that it's not true, and asked him why I said it. I didn't remember I said that. He asked me if I wanted to contribute a dish he liked. He said a word (kishe or kishesh) that I don't recognize. So I asked him what this dish was and I woke up.

      Thanks for reading
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      Why are you asking for help?

      Dreams are not intentionally crafted puzzles. It's kind of like looking into a kaleidoscope and seeing an endless mosaic of reflections of your psyche and its contents.

      As such, an interesting thing to do is to simply reflect on your dreams. For example, ask yourself what aspects of these dreams are reflections of you life. Well, for one, the people, settings and events seem familiar to you. How did you feel about the dream events? Are those feelings reflective of how you feel in your life? The cheese bit, if you associate that to nothing at all, than that's all it is, some noise. Dreams will have familiar aspects as well as random aspects.

      Some aspects of our dreams like someone making the passing comment that you don't like cheese aren't important and you can dismiss them. Actually, you kind of focused the dream toward that aspect because you consciously noticed it was incorrect so you made a big deal about it. If instead, you were often dreaming about cheese, if there was a pattern, than it would be interesting to think more on it and see if you can make any associations.

      Here, if I address the global theme of these dreams, I'd say it seems you flirted with this guy and you're curious as to what happened and you'd wish you could reconnect. Is that true? Could you take a step toward reconnecting? Whether the answer to those questions is a yes or a no, that would constitute a valid/thorough reflection of those dreams.
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      thank you very much for your explanation. I tried to get more insights through the dreams since I am not able to reconnect with him. well, at least I am not willing to.
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      Should desires be expressed symbolically through dreams, they cannot necessarily reflect the practicality of fulfilling those desires. When you say you are not able to reconnect, that may be more relevant for your own personal situation than whether you are willing to or not. Whims and longings are certainly worth thinking about, but carefully.

      Also, about the unknown word, you may have heard it at some point recently and not realised that you had exactly. About the word itself, there is a food called a quiche, which is a type of egg tart, often with cheese in it. To me, that sounds pretty close to kishe; additionally, kitsch is a term sometimes used for things with a tacky style, often referring to a specific era in arts, design and fashion.
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