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    Thread: Interpret dream from shamanic meditation / trance

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      Interpret dream from shamanic meditation / trance

      Hi all,

      I would like some independant input into interpreting the dream I had following a shamanic meditation / trance.

      My background:
      Im actually in a good place financially, family and health. But I have missed multiple great opportunities in my life (e.g. life changing sums and some relationships) and I am frustrated at where I currently am. My main current frustration is that I want to start a business and do something innovative, but I dont know what business to do.

      The dream:
      Im sitting at a busy train station, looking at a clock. A man points to his toddler and asks if I can play with her /watch her for a minute while he does something. I say sorry im busy. The father says please just for a minute can you keep her occupied. I reluctantly say okay, and we play for a minute.

      I notice she has a sister the same age, sitting and watching us. I ask her if she wants to play as well. She says no, as I didn't really want to play in the 1st place. I realise she is right, and I feel bad and apologise to her. Anyway, the father returns and I leave them.

      As I walk away, a beautiful woman runs up to me, puts her arm around me and thanks me for playing with them (older sister, mother, cousin?).
      We are still walking towards the train platform. I feel flustered and attracted to her. She seems very genuine, and almost angelic.

      I get to the platforms. She gives me a kiss on the side of my forehead, and starts to slip away. I say thank you. I then stop in my stride and pause for a dozen seconds. I want to turn around to tell her how I feel about her (that I think I love her but am married), but hesitate and instead continue walking towards the platforms.

      I get to the platforms, it appears ive missed my train. And now there are no trains that are going to my intended destination (home) at all (maybe ever?). But I still think about that kiss/girl, and I dont know what to do / where to go now.

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      Hey, our book club is just now reading a book about shamanic dream journeys if you are interested! It would be nice to get your perspective! Link to the Book club thread.

      About the background:
      1. The information you disclose here, is that the information you meditated on intentionally before going on the dream journey, or is this a dream like any other that you picked for interpreting as a shamanic dream journey?
      2. Those opportunities that you missed, do you know why and is it something you could improve on? How? Or was it a decision that you made because the sacrifice for those opportunities was not worth it? Do you still value and cherish those things you chose over the opportunities?

      The dream:

      First of all, you should consider the patterns that exist in your dreams. Which patterns are indicative of your psyche and which ones are indicative of dream structure in general. Both might be at play. About the train station... Bus stops are a recurring setting in my dreams, especially in those periods of my life that I used them on a daily basis. In that sense, I dreamed about them because they are present in my life. A pattern about my bus dreams is that it is very common for me having trouble finding my particular bus, or making it in time for a bus. It could symbolize a lack of orientation in my life. It could also reflect a daily stress in my daily life, rushing last minute to a bus stop fearing to miss it. In this scenario, the difficulty getting a bus is just a reflection of my waking life and not very symbolic. Thirdly, the lack of a bus could simply be due to the structure of dreams: the fact that they are not an objective physical reality. In real life, there are actual buses and a structured organization that makes the buses reliable, if you are lucky. In dreams, it's just ideas, and the dream might not really manifest the bus you expect exactly how you expect when you expect it. There might be delay and distortions. In this scenario, it's not symbolic nor a reflection of your life. Looking for a bus that isn't there simply is a dream specific experience, your conscious/critical mind not understanding why the dream is not like reality. "Why does this bus not have the right number on it?" "I don't know where I am going (because remembering is difficult and confused in dreams, not for some symbolic reason).

      That means there's three ways to interpret the events in your dream: symbolic, reflections of your life, dream-specific experiences (of your conscious mind responding to the dream). And each event might have bits of each.

      Quickly like this, the dream seems to have a simple narrative related to your theme of meditation (opportunities): You are in a setting of change (travel) and you are offered an opportunity (call to action by father). You are reluctant at first but you eventually accept the call. You feel guilt (the sister) at your lack of enthusiasm and initiative in undertaking this call. But, you feel rewarded in the end (The woman's gratefulness).

      Reflection of your life:
      I'm just going to suggest things from the dream that could be reflections of your life (scenarios, settings, objects, people, emotions, behavioral or cognitive patterns) but I don't know your life so these are just possibilities : train station, missing trains, babysitting, guilt, a woman's affection or the desire for a woman's affection.

      Dream specific (or conscious) experiences:
      I think it's especially at the end of the dream that your conscious mind seems to respond more to the dream. You start to notice weird things. You feel love for this woman BUT you remember you are married. You feel you need to go home BUT what the dream has manifested doesn't seem to be adequate to do that.


      If you were looking for a business idea, you might try to inspire yourself from the dream by linking certain ideas in the dream such as "babysitting" and "travel." Are there services that could fulfill a traveling parent's needs?
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      Hi, thanks for your reply - it is interesting to get your insight posted above. I will have a think on this.

      1. Yes - I was meditating on this specifically.

      2. Tbh, due to my own lack of resolve / effort. (I have the resolve now, but not many opportunities)

      I will also have a look at the book thread soon.
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