I was playing DnD or something like that with a lot of friends, it starts in my friends current house, then to an attic that he doesn't have in his actual house, one that I don't recognize. The general mood of the group is jovial but there is a particular girl I am not recognizing and whose face has more or less vanished from my mind after waking. During the activities she is cuddling on her boyfriend, which incites jealousy from me, which I honestly haven't experienced in that sort of situation to current memory.

Second part of the dream she ends up in a fight with him and they break up. After some time of hanging out in various locations we begin.. dating? End up having sex but ultimately just feel strong love towards her. after some more time we end up breaking up for some reason and she gets with some other guy. I begin feeling incredibly lonely but only feel animosity from her, I have no idea what I did to get to this point, feeling as though I was just loving her and doing what I presume is normal relationship stuff (foggy on some minor details like this, just the emotions that went with it all)

Third part is there is a train scene of sorts, I forget what was going on but eventually find out there's a hold up at gun point in another cabin. Something posseses me to rush back and tackle the gunman and managed to disarm him, only to find out she was being held up with another individual, again only feeling unpleasant emotions from her. Her current boyfriend comes rushing in and I just leave. Get kinda celebrated back in the main cabin but don't feel anything but pain after the interaction with her.

Fourth part is me spending time "living my life" I guess and constantly thinking about her, feeling hurt the entire time. Eventually she sees me doing what ever I was doing and I can hear her talking horribly of me, I wasn't special, nothing redeeming, only dated me because she just wanted to see if anything was special about me. This happens with her, friends? I guess and then later with what I presume is a random stranger and overall I just kept feeling more and more worse.

The entire time, things are happening in various locations, some I recognize from my life, others I don't, such as the inside of buildings I've never seen.