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    Thread: Electric Shock in a dream

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      Electric Shock in a dream

      This was probably 2/3 into my sleep:

      At first, I'm in an apartment complex/family house looking place, talking to ex buddies about getting a job next to university, which is a topic I've been thinking about lately. After some stuff, I'm on the backside of the house with them, and we're supposed to cross this electric fence, which is sometimes a net, and sometimes stripes, but always 3m+ in height. So at first, I try to get through the middle, but I get caught, and feel an actual electric shock building up. At this point, I'm awake and jumping back from the fence. The next try is to crawl under, and this time I manage to power through, but again felt this intense pain.

      there's 3 other scenes that I can remember, but they're only related to this scene in topic. If anyone is interested in the rest, I'll post it as well, but I'm personally interested in the electric shocks I felt during the dream. If anyone has an idea, I'd be happy to hear it :)

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      Depending on the kind of interpretation you want, having more of the dream may be relevant even if the relevance is only indirect, since it might provide context.

      I am curious, what is the nature of your interest in interpreting the shocks? Were they something that never happened to you in a dream and so you're curious about them or are you looking for possible associative/symbolic meanings?

      Also, I know you said you felt intense pain, but how relevant that is could depend on what your baselines are. For instance, for me pain is a very rare thing in general to experience in a dream, so any highly painful event in a dream would be unusual in itself for me.

      The other thing that comes to mind is that we typically associate fences with being kept out of a place more than anything - electric fences even more so - and you say that you were supposed to cross the fence. Do you mean that you had a collective objective that required you to cross it, or was there a specific place you were going to that was beyond it? Or was it less specific than that, and maybe just implied by some other context in the dream?
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      Interesting. I'm not sure what your dream could mean without more information, but I did want to share that I have also experienced an electric shock once in a dream as well. Like yours, it was intense. It woke me up.

      I associated the shock from my own dream with information that was "shocking". I don't know if that helps you at all. Good luck.
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