This was probably 2/3 into my sleep:

At first, I'm in an apartment complex/family house looking place, talking to ex buddies about getting a job next to university, which is a topic I've been thinking about lately. After some stuff, I'm on the backside of the house with them, and we're supposed to cross this electric fence, which is sometimes a net, and sometimes stripes, but always 3m+ in height. So at first, I try to get through the middle, but I get caught, and feel an actual electric shock building up. At this point, I'm awake and jumping back from the fence. The next try is to crawl under, and this time I manage to power through, but again felt this intense pain.

there's 3 other scenes that I can remember, but they're only related to this scene in topic. If anyone is interested in the rest, I'll post it as well, but I'm personally interested in the electric shocks I felt during the dream. If anyone has an idea, I'd be happy to hear it :)