Hello everyone

I have one of the most weirdest dream ever, and it came after a big fight with my father yesterday

here is the dream, its really so long and have a lots of events

the dream is me staying in a cave with a lots of people coming to celebrate festival with SHINee members a Kpop band group who have one of the member dead before few years

it was revealed some way that the dead member was drowned in that cave, so SHINee members decided to visit the cave to pay homage to the dead member

the cave also surrounded by Aqua color every where, it looks so beautiful, I saw SHINee members walking and they went some where, I think their music was playing in the cave, I saw small East Asian boy dancing and enjoying the music, there was many people there, and it was joyful

Then I went later outside to a room, I saw a room similar to my childhood small room, I saw a teenager girl putting a catchy music, then it turned out one of the SHINee Music

then I went somewhere shortly, not sure what but it seems like an airport, I saw ads featuring BTS, another most famous Kpop group, but I said to my self SHINee is more talented than BTS

any way, I have returned to that cave again where festival is happening, and I saw what I believe to be the water below when I was looking from up were supposedly the SHINee member was drowned, it was surrounded by Aqua color, which is the official color of SHINee band, dream end

this really weird dream, it came after fighting with my father, I was so in low mood, but this dream actually have cheer me up, and I wondering what does it mean

if you have anything wanted to say about the dream, feel free to share it