Hello everyone

here is my dream
me, my mother, brother were going vacation by ship in
the sea somewhere abroad but not identified, then I was like falling into the sea and I fall
down, I was terrified that I would drown, then my brother
said don't worry, I would carry you but I managed to go
to the ship so easily like nothing, then we have arrived
in some place and there was so many other ships, my
brother was busy and seems irritated he was leaving to go to his job,
then me and my mother remained there, I saw a group of
people in a room inside other ship, I saw Baekhyun a member of Kpop group EXO
talking to others, then shortly he left, I stayed in
other room, he came in, I was very shy, I talked to him
nervously, my mother saw me but she didn't enter, then
he left to other place, he talked shortly to others and
then packed his luggage and went on to travel

Thanks for reading

if you have any thing to say about this dream, feel free to share