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    Thread: A dream I had.

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      A dream I had.

      Hello! I am new to this site. I joined to try and get dream help. The dream I need help with is really creepy to me,but it might have a deep meaning. First,I see myself in my car. Looking out my window. There is this girl - she looked perfectly healthy,and smiling. But she takes off her eyes like spiderwebs, and starts to frown. Another girl does this,and I see a group of spirits of dead,frowning girls with no eyes walking in a forest. Then, it jumps to me. In the dream,I was a toddler. I had no eyes,but i was smiling. I was looking for a playmate. I was playing with my teddy bear. I tried to speak,i tried to move. But I was a soul with no body. I watched the younger me play with the teddy,as dark blood bled from her eyes. Could this dream be related to any kind of trauma?

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      It is almost impossible to interpret a dream without knowing what was going on in the waking life. Most people don't know this. Dream symbols and narratives are not free floating. First question I ask people when working with them is "what was happening in your life at the time of the dream". Gayle Delaney calls this *bridging* the dream to the waking life.
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      like kenstories said above, most dream symbols are unique to the dreamer, so it is not possible for strangers to help you interpret without more context. It is also best (imo) to interpret your own dreams, since you know yourself best. A book that I like for dream interpretation is Inner Work by robert johnson. You can find it on the internet archive.

      That said, this is what I do to interpret my dreams:

      1. write down all the symbols from your dream and write your associations for each symbol in a cloud around the word. eg if I dreamed about the sun, I would write out 'Sun' and in a cloud around the word would write what I associate with the sun (warmth, fire, Apollo, summer, daytime, light, time)

      2. interpret the setting- (this is unique to my dreams, meanings for settings may be different for you) Represents what the dream is about or what part of your mind the conflict is taking part in. A while ago I dreamed I was being chased through an undeveloped plot of land by a large beast. The plot of land was surrounded by buildings i remembered from childhood. I had this dream after I tried working through some memories from my past. I determined this plot of land may represent a memory or part of my mind that i have not explored consciously (wild and undeveloped) about my childhood (surrounded by childhood buildings). curiously, the book describes a similar dream as mine.

      3, interpret the objects/characters- using your associations, try to determine what each character or object represents. sometimes this step comes easily, but sometimes it takes days or weeks to develop this enough. some symbols are very unique to you and tied to a certain memory, but some symbols are archetypal and are cultural. For example, an angel in a dream would mean similar things to most people who are christian or living in mostly christian countries, but dreaming about a specific object you own or person you know will have a very unique meaning to you. Some symbols are both archetypal and individual: maybe if your friend appears as an angel in your dream, both of those symbols become mixed.

      4. interpret the story- This step may start forming as you do steps 2 & 3. Now that you understand the setting and its characters as symbols, what are the symbols doing and what does that say about the situation?

      you can skip around steps 2, 3 & 4 since it may not all come to you linearly. Remember that all of these symbols represent some aspect of yourself!

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