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      Recurring Dream about middle school crush

      Hello. I'm new here and want to know what does this recurring dream mean.

      When I was in middle school, I had a serious crush on a boy. Let's call him Navid. The school was small so we knew each other well.He would tease me, give random hugs and eventually asked me to dance at the last school dance. Deep down, I knew he liked me back because of the signs. A week before graduation, our class celebrated our pre-graduation at a mini-golf and pizza place. We received out our autograph books. While we ate and signed each other books, Navid came up to me and asked if I could sign his. My mood swings were terrible that day that I rejected him. It broke his heart. The next day, I felt remorse and tried to make it up for him. I tried to apologize, but he gave me the silent treatment even after graduation. I was depressed during the summer. During that time, I dreamed he confessed that he was guilty the way he treated me. Then He would either kiss or hug.The last time I really saw him was during high school on the bus. Sadly, he didn't say hello.

      Ten years later, I still dream about him occasionally. The dreams are always set at school, before graduation or a school dance. He would either give me the cold shoulder or be affectionate, depending on the dream. My heart would race or jump for joy. Then he would declare he always liked me. Other girls would envy our relationship. Or the entire school gets involved. In some dreams, we're boyfriend-and-girlfriend. There's another dream I remembered about I met his relatives. We were still young teens. In reality, I only met his grandfather and his cousins.

      What do these dreams mean? I don't have feelings for him since high school started. Why do I keep dreaming about this boy after all these years?
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