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      tryin to fly to heaven

      in this dream i was on the side of the road tryin to fix a flat tire on a freeway it was me and my mother. Something happend i cant remember next thing i know am runnin on the freeway, i realize i am dreamin when i see that i am runnin as fast as the cars are going.Then i stop runnin and all of a sudden i start floatin, i say to myself i'm bout to fly it felt so real. While i was flyin i said to myself i'm goin to fly to Heaven so i can talk to God. So i was goin higher and higher up then all of a sudden i was in this house. It was all white in the house and it had some people in there. They to were also dressed in all white. I happen to notice one of the people in there was a friends of mine sister. She said something to me i dont remember, then i looked around it was like old people in there. Then somehow i went back in time and i am floatin back to the house in the sky again. This time when i get in there nobody can see me, i dont know how i knew this but i did so i decide to cause a little mischeif i was knockin over chairs and thorwin stuff. They were gettin scared because they didnt know what was goin on

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