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      Han Solo & Zombies

      Han Solo was my father and we were on the run from zombies.
      We were at a desert at some point of time and there was a mob of them
      coming fast on to us and we had to get up this hill of sand but we could.
      Then all of a sudden, someone is there helping us up.

      A few years later were in the forest at what is supposed to be his old home.
      It was a space ship of course. His mother was there. and for some strange reason
      I now had a little sister. After all these years, our father had never read to us.
      So I somehow found some books in this spaceship. They were Mists of Avalon and
      Beowulf. I hand them to her and them suddenly our grand mother tells us that we have to get out of here
      because the zombies found us. So we climb into our truck and wait for Han. He finally gets there.
      We drive off.

      We then find ourselves on a beach with other people.
      I walk up to him and say "you've never read to us." and i hand him the books.

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      Whatever Han Solo is, as your father he is authority & protection. The zombies represent old ways that somehow won't go away, perhaps an old cirlce of friends.
      The hill is accomplishment, and the sand a shift in attitude or perspective. You could'nt get to the top until someone helped you. You figured out a new way to think.
      A few years later (you have changed) you are in the forest ( a transitional period) in the spaceship (your creative mind.) You have a new sister now (a new beginning), and Han Solo never read to you (he never gave you the truth.)
      You found the books in spaceship (the truth) and read.
      Your grandmother (wisdom) told you to flee, the zombies are coming.
      You flee to the beach (the border between the emotional subconcious and the rational concious)
      You confront Han Solo about his never reading to you and hand him the books, you are demanding the truth.I cannot speculate what Han repesents, you'll have to ponder that by yourself.

      Conclusion: You had a big change of indentity and way of life, you detest your past, you're a teenager, and you strive to figure out how life works.


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