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      My dreams received a change of venue.


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      It is remarkable that people bulk at spending money in their dreams. Might it not have occurred to you that $10,000 was not so excessive.

      Years ago I had a dream that I could have purchased World War Two vintage P-51 Mustang pursuit fighter plane for $50,000. It would have been a screaming burgain at that price, but I assumed that I did not have the money. Well, I should have looked in my dream wallet, shouldn't I?

      We make a mistake in our dreams when we bulk at high prices. We should go into our dreams with the new assumption that we might have a Value equal to what our Dreams are asking of us.

      Look at your dream. you assumed you and your family could not afford your own dream. This is clearly indicative of a deficit in your self esteem, and it doesn't say much about how you rank your own family.

      For now on, in your dreams, go first class. When they ask you how you want to pay, just pull out your Visa Dream Card.


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