I had a dream that my cousin who is also my best friend was getting married. She was standing on some stairs waiting to have her picture taken. I am running to her to have my picture taken with her and when I stood next to her her balck and curly hair were poking me in the eye. She doesn't have black or curly hair. I started crying when I saw her in her gown. Then I started walking down the stairs thinking to myself what am I going to wear for the reception. Next thing I know me and her are walking down the street looking for jewelry for myself. We can't find anything so I tell her that I know Robinsons May has a cart in front of it that will have what I want. As we go there we end up in Las Vegas. I start going up the stairs and inside and walk back outside because my cousin was not with me. I look she is talking to a guy from my high school and some other guy that I had seen once at a party. We all go inside and go up to a receptionist desk. The guy that I had seen at a party started hugging me and we started to cuddle. What does this mean?