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      Hardeez no light

      Last night i had a dream that me and my dad went to a Hardeez (a fast food restraunt) but half of the building didn't have electricity. And as we were standing up at the counter ordering our food i remember thinking "i'm going to get sick or something if i eat this food, how can they cook the meat if they don't have any electricity." and then i looked and they were cooking the meat with scalding hot water.

      Also in this dream me and my boyfriend rented a hotel room, but we had to share it with another couple (they were strangers) and i think they had drugs or something. Anyway we left before them and i left my coat there, when we came back i found all this money in my coat and i was trying to hide it from my dad. there was $207 dollars in my coat pocket. I remember thinking wow, the cops must have caught them with drugs and they didn't want the police to take their money so they shoved it in my coat pocket. I figured they must have given me the money because we let them watch our movies that me and my boyfriend brought.
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      A resturant (including fast food resturants) can signify your gut. Since The electricity is out in half the restorant you are showing that you have split feelings for something. cooking the meat in scalding water instead of with electricity shows that you are trying to solve the problem with a strange solution.

      Sharing a room with strangers can show that the problem has to do with someone else. since you have to live together is must be someone personal. The drugs show that they are doing something that is bad for them but they feel it is a good thing. the money shows they are trying to bribe you to not tell someone, in this case your dad. The movies show that you feel that you have an excuse not to tell your dad also.

      Basicly someone personal (or it could be yourself) is hiding something from your dad (or any parent) and you have split feelings about it.


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