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      Held in Tower, scary female guard, any help pls

      I had this dream on Monday night. I woke about 7, 1 ½ hrs before having to get up. Strong feeling of dread as mentioned at the end. Also a strong curiosity, wanting to have some understanding or interpretation. If anyone has any idea’s or questions, I’d appreciate. Thanks

      Held in Tower, scary female guard
      Going though town with? Violence and Stabbings around us- I say wait-go by the side of this-this has gotten much worse-huge guy 4-5 times our size on street with some type of axe-I say wait + hide back-cant get past this easily-hide in shop- bakery women there-see Chinese guy outside-had been with us-takes up a weapon, tries to stab at someone-some woman spear hands him in throat (talk to her at some stage, friendly) then we are held in tall iron towers by that man-3 legs, metal struts between, rust- some spikes on it-other guy across street- say we’ll either starve, cut ourselves on the rust(not so bad) or have him come back & torture us (prob worst)- I’ve a long pole- try to wrench stuff apart- pull up a big U lock- can stick pole out side and hopefully not cut myself- direct it across road- into a chain- leaver and it breaks free-ask other guy where his chain go’s-onto roof-d’oh-we are all free- other guy and woman going 1 way-tenderly &full of urgency kiss goodbye- do you have my number (or work contact)(should have done earlier)No-Better go. Running down side street-rain-only have a shirt on-better take shelter or could get pneumonia- by wall- in doorway-kid kicks me out (family behind her)-say where? Suggests house-like a chemist- say I know prob not allowed-Please could I go back room-shelter-mediate or sleep- considering-at table with them all-I accidentally touch button on her phone (lady working there)-try &cancel-cant- give it to her-somehow contact to big guy who’s after her-some guy says it’s still recording-I turn to left-female garda (Irish policewoman)- yellow high visibility jacket on, eyelid slightly red and pulled down-very scary looking-goes around table-hand on chin-gently breaking everyone’s neck-I say to woman what’s happening(V freaky moment)- get up quietly and run-guiding her on street-keep saying run as fast as you can, creatively-faster-faster-faster
      -Wake up, still strange dread feeling about that garda, her eye n how quietly she broke everyone’s neck


      -Few days earlier in town, say fight almost break out; said to people I was with (wife n 2 foreign friends staying) to wait back (in case it got violent and they fell into us). Didn’t think much about this event

      -The tower is similar to a big (8-10 story) tower I used to climb with my best friend who died 9 years ago

      -Iron tower n rust- night b4 dream, wife was taking Iron supplement, friend above asked what was English for rust

      -Violence is a regular theme in my dreams

      -themes I see in it are captivity escape shelter threat escape

      -bits that really stood out were that female garda-her eye n watching her break people necks-also being in that tower(seems very dream like and far from consciousness)

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      I think its about double agents and spies. I just had one about a neighbor lady who led a double life and you would have never suspected it. I guess these days you can't trust anybody anymore.


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