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      A road and Autumn trees

      Last night I had several vivid dreams. I already have some idea of what I feel they mean but I'd be interested in hearing other opinions, about one dream in particular.

      I work in an aged care home. But at the moment I am planning to leave aged care and find a new job, I've been job hunting and had an interview this week.

      In this dream I was at the aged care home working early in the morning, except the building was completely different, a lot older and more run down than it is in reality. In the dream I was on morning round, running around helping residents and in the dream I felt like I was taking too long and had only seen one or 2 residents (I have to assist 20 residents in total before breakfast).

      Anyway, then I realised that one of the residents was missing. Another staff member and I went looking for her. We found her walking back into the door, she said she had gone to the shops. In the dream we were both very surprised because this woman is extremely anxious about everything, in particular about maintaining her set routine every day. I felt disbelief that she had managed to go to the shops independently. In the dream she also looked different to how she does in real life, although I knew it was her.

      Then we were in the anxious resident's room and the other staff member looked at the window. The glass of the window had lots of little black lines in it, and the staff member commented on how run down the place was.

      Then we walked over to the door and I walked outside. Outside was a road stretching into the distance. The road was lined with beautiful trees, it was Autumn (it is Autumn here in Australia now too) and the leaves were all orange and gold. Next to the door was a sign, and written on it was the word "Brave," nothing else.

      That is all I can remember.

      When I woke up this morning after the dream I got a phone call from one of the places I had applied for a job at. The job they offered me was something I didn't want, for many reasons, for example it is too far from home to travel to and it's working with a client group I really don't want to work with. I'm planning on turning down the job offer and keep job hunting. However I feel it is significant I had this dream the night before I was offered this job.

      Any help in interpreting this dream would be greatly appreciated!

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      First, you describe the aged-care home as being older and "run down." Then, you write that you are "running around" helping residents. You've only helped 2. You have 20 to help. The place is "running you down."

      Outside the place, is a road with beautiful possibilities (trees), but you have to be brave?

      The anxious woman really has more capabilities than you think or you are she. You've literally gone into "shops." You are shopping for a new job.

      Best wishes[/quote]


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