Please help me interpret this dreamÖ.it is quite long so please bear with me. I had this dream last night in one whole sequence, I usually wake up turn around and continue dreaming the same dream, but this one came in one whole block of time. Also, it is the first dream not qualifiable as a nightmare by my book, I'll write about those some other time.

It starts with my company giving a high end party in somewhere that looked like Greece. We had to dress very nicely so I went to the nearest mall to try on some dresses. I didnít find the one I was looking for, they all seemed to be made out of lace and taffeta, mostly in black and white. I didnít want to wear any of them essentially because I could not find an under-dress so I would not go bearing it all. In the end I settle for a normal black cocktail dress. The party part is a little fussy, but I do remember the party ended because the place we were at was a volcano and it erupted that same evening, melting the building we were at. So we (by we I mean I walked and saw other people walking along with me, but I was alone) walked outside the still melting building to catch the company bus, which was supposed to be waiting for us outside, but it wasnít. So I hailed a cab, and spoke to the people nearest me that if anyone wanted to catch a ride in the same cab, that way we could save some money. We hoped into the cab and as we were driving downtown (I knew it was Guatemala, but I know Guatemala and this wasnít it) we passed through a kind of an outdoor art gallery, there was a sculpture of a little girl in bronze, she had pigtails a teddy bear and a smile on her face, I know Iíve seen it before but I canít remember where; then there was like a real life sized watercolor painting in blues and greens with a man totally in black, no distinguishable features. I remember the people saying on the cab how beautiful artwork, and my comment was I donít know how if you knew, but that little girl was the first raped and killed by ______, I canít remember what I said, I know it was in reference to a man, and Iím still not sure if it was the one in the watercolor, though I have a distinct feeling that the people portrayed in the art gallery were all his victims. I told them I knew this because my father in law had told me and he lives in Guatemala (he really does). After the gallery we get off the cab in the middle of the town, and I remember the locals were chasing us, so we ran to where the bus was supposed to wait for us and it wasnít there. But suddenly a person steps out of a bus that is partly there, the bus was using a cloaking device so that it wouldnít be seen by the locals. So instead of going into the bus, a person that I have a strong sexual feeling for (I didnít get to see his face) and I go into a store that was right down the road. So I start browsing the shelves and misteriosly go back to the clothing shop I had visited earlier, I look around and get something from the shelf, take the security device off, fearing a blue stain would ruin what I had in my hand, and slowly walk out the store fearing the alarm going off, but I make it out without anybody noting I had stolen something. I canít remember what I stole, but I remember it was something light brown in color, I think it was a sweater or a scarf, something made out of wool or fur. When I walk out the door, I find myself in a decorating store. I browse around and see some cross stitch kits, though none catch my eye. I continue browsing and see a big teddy bear just right for my daughter (I do have a daughter in real life), I look at the price tag and do the conversion to colones (Iím costarrican), I multiply the price on the tag by fifteen and come up with the price. The strange thing is the conversion rate is not fifteen colones to a quetzal, I donít even know how much it is, and instead of multiplying, I divide, so the price ultimately is a lower thatn the price I could find in Costa Rica. So I decide to buy it, I carry it to the counter and pay for it with my debit card. And thatís when I wake up.

Iím sorry for the length, but since I was a child out of curiosity I have trained myself to remember my dreams, so naturally, 20 years of practice has made me good at it. Please let me know what you think of this, I know itís a hodgepodge of stuff, but every sigle little details seemed significant to me, specially the statue of the little girl, the shoplifting and the teddy bear for my daughter.

Thanks for reading!