I believe I had two dreams last night, because they were kind of seperate, so I'll post the latter one. Now, I don't know if there's deep meaning or not, but I felt sharing it, and was wondering what it may mean in the process.

The begining is sort of foggy, I didn't think over this part when I first awoke, only the latter of which is what I remember.

Foggy - Outside with friends, we've got guns and are shooting others, who know we've got guns, can't remember if they do or dont. I have a gun, can't remember what it was.

Unfoggy - I switch that gun for a sniper rifle, in my dream it's called a pnp. (PnP is a terrain creator that I'm debaitng on using versus 2 other programs). I'm with my friends, and there's some people ahead of us. Inbetween us, the land kind of swives up a bit, giving them a sort of half-trench. I believe we're on concret, and the land between us is grass and dirt. My friends tell me to pick them off, don't remember what he actually said, and so I do. I take out three guys, and they tell me to move in, and they will follow in with pistols. I do, but then move back and pick some more off. The other team seems to be unaware they don't shoot back, flinch, or anything. Also, the pnp, my gun, doesn't make any noise.

We eventually get up, but their not all dead. I get a little mad at them, and kind of do a whisper yell, to why we're getting up, their not all dead, we need to charge in now! They say, they don't care, or no, or something and I'm just mad as hell at them. I look back too, and their all still there.

I go out to the parking lot, still carrying the gun, and someone that reminds me/looks like Ethan^ comes up to me, looks at the gun and me, and kind of does a head-bounce-nod to me and walks away. I then realize I forgot to leave the gun there, so I go to return it.

^ Ethan use to be a friend in elementary school, I hung out with him and talked to him in stuff. I only see him a few times in the hallway now at middle school. I look up to him though, I think he's pretty cool, and respect him. He's been going out with the same person for over a year, and although he gets ridiculed for taking a relationship to serious, I respect that and thats how I would do it.

Next thing I know, I'm talking to an adult with a friend, J^, I join the conversation. The adult is talking about how the pnp's bullet can go right through, make a clean shot. And he walks away. J wonders why, and I say because the caliber is larger, like an AK, 7.72, and it goes right through. But the 5.56 is smaller, and will bounce around in your insides. The guy comes over and puts his knuckles out in a fist for us to bang our knuckles against, kind of hood/gangstaish. I don't do it, I didn't realize it at first. I don't recongize the adult. The adult now says the pnp is the most powerful gun.

^J is another elementary school friend, didn't hang out with him much then. He's in some of my classes now. He's probably the most popular kid at school, but I don't really like him a whole lot. He does tease me every now and then, only playfully, but I hate it.

A possibly tidbit of info you need, is that I airsoft, military simulation, and was thinking about becoming a sniper yesterday, instead of investing in this "firepower is everything" loadout.