This was a very strange dream I had a few nights ago.

Me and 2 other men were walking up a mountain whilst juggling a football/soccer ball on our feet between each other. It seemed important not to let it touch the floor. We got to the top without dropping it, and entered a small cave. Inside this cave were 2 toilets, a small kitchen/serving area where we could buy food, and a small hole in the wall. We lookied out and saw a port and a grounded plane that seemed out of proportion. One of the men then told me a story of how people thought he had died in a plane crash, but all the body parts were analysed and none were him, therefore people knew he was alive. I went to the toilet, and it was just a small hole in the ground (like the plug in a shower). We started to walk down the mountain and were joined by 2 other men. One said to me "merry Christmas even though it's June, we'll think of you when we wake up early". Then I woke up.

Just a bit of info that I think will help. I am living abroad, and am returning home at the end of the month after 9 months here (although I did return home at Christmas and Easter). I live in a port and am flying home, but not to my home city. That could explain the port/plane symbols. The football could have something to do with the football world cup and all the guys being busy watching it day and night! I recognised none of the men in my dream.

It just left me a little confused. Can anyone help? Thanks a lot!