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      Dreaming beyond Dreaming (4 lucid dreams in one night)

      I'm here, quite frankly amazed after choosing to sleep in for another 10 hours and not go to school, somewhere in the back of my mind was suggesting I do so. And I'm glad I did

      I'm still having immense trouble collecting everything that happened, but I remember magically being transported to worlds and places which seemed to be beyond my conciousness parameter.

      The earliest I recall was walking down a long hill, when I remember a group of strangers who I believed were laughing at me as they walked down the path into a house (being chavvy and laughing at my long hair), I chose to follow them for some reason. I ended up at their house and they were very kind with me, we smoked green together and had wrestling matches. It was in the garden that we had a barbeque, and some reason, all of a sudden - there was a shift in time to somewhere in Autumn in the garden where noone else was round. Yet, all across the walls and fences were graffiti and signatures of other dreamers (I was here - so-and-so) and I chose to put my graffiti on there aswell when I picked up a piece of chalk. I remember looking round everywhere and the trees were so exotic and I saw every detail of rustled leaf, I then left the garden and ended up in Brazil.

      In Brazil, I remember sitting on the bridge amongst a crowd of other people who I assume were dreamers. And this bridge we all had cameras, and oh my gosh. When I turned lucid here I SWEAR It was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen.

      The sky was a brilliant purple and mauve, the moon in the midst of a beautiful eclipse, impressive thunderstorms in the background and I remember taking photos of all this happening and I remember glowing orbs floating around me, I remember talking to another cameraman that I was so struck in awe and amazement that I was afraid that I might drop the camera and the river and never recover the photo's later (It was a bit windy).

      The cameraman reassured me, and asked if he would come with me to his world - So I agreed.

      This world, bizarrely, unbelievably, was what I would call the Oracle of Dreaming. I remember walking through a corridor and looking at paintings in the wall of moving images, images conjured up in the mind I imagine. One figure stood out and I would describe him as an 'Ogre', there was several individuals there, I remember there being a marketplace which seemed to conjure up everything in my mind (As I walked through repeatedely I found exotic clothing and exotic artifacts, it seemed to be neverending) and I said to myself this was getting ridiculous and I knew it was a dream. None the less, in this state I chose to address a man in robes and asked him if he believed in Shared Dreaming - He gave his answer (you're sharing the dream already, both in waking life and rest, but you view it with a different telescope). I asked him about the Ogre who I believed was terrorising people in dreams, he said I shouldn't be worried. At this point I remember seeing the Ogre creep up and chase me around this Oracle, I was chased outside of the place on some barren desert and I remember brilliant red in the background. He wanted to fight me, and I chose to be lucid at this point as I was desperate not to die in this dream after discovering such a fantastic place.

      So he was there attacking me, knocking me about and things, I remember taking my sleep pills for some reason in my dream (I use drugs in the dream as a vehicle to lucidity by creating the illusionary state of pseudo-trips. This will be explained in my article about BILD (Bizarre-Induced-Lucid-Dream which I will explain another day by finalising it). And I remember the familiar sensation of having your body vibrating with immense power, I remember music similiar to Aphex Twin - 'Come to Daddy' in its 'calm before the screaming' bit of the song but it was more ethereal. And I remember being held by this ogre by the hands. And with this lucidity I remember changing my environment to the same Purple sky I had encountered earlier, and I remember controlling the winds and storms and they became me. At this point, I was no longer in my body, I became the sky (as odd as this sounds, I would see the world in 5 dimensions) I remember loud loud loud noises and screaming being my power and I utterly destroyed the Ogre after hurricanes, storms and fire hit him.

      And then I woke up.

      Any idea?
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      Sounds like the dream of a lifetime! Unless you induced it by technique. I saw you on myspace and I'm guessing being so young and an immigrant would jog you up mentally and you probably think a lot in the back of the mind because you are going through so much change in your life.
      Becoming the sky and seeing the world in 5 dimensions is a bit LSD like. And in the dream itself you were smoking some green.
      Those people laughing at you probably were the West, Europe. They laughed at you as a communist culture. When you joined them anyway they turned very friendly.
      But shared dreams? There must be more to you that this. The bridge is the crossing over from one state of being to another. But the dream overall is waaayyy out there!
      I can only say there is more to you than I can speculate.


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