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      Having confidence

      I'm shy and I have low-self esteem which is why I want to know what this dream means. I was in my room with three other people, and they were writing a story or a song or something (I don't remember, it doesn't really matter) but it was like that those three were working on something together and I was just there listening or whatever.

      I kind of felt that I was in the way so I said "Hey, I can just leave if I'm in the way", (even though it was my room). I guess I expected them to say "No, why?" but instead they just went all quiet and looked around and at each other, indicating that they did not want me there. And they had not previously acted like they DIDN'T want me there so I got a little surprised. So I said "Ok then..." and went into another room.

      While I was there I thought for myself: "What? No way! I'm not gonna be chased out of MY OWN room, that's ridiculous", but that wasn't really it -- I had a feeling that this was... right or something, kinda hard to explain, but I didn't feel hurt because I was rejected (something I normally would), it was such an unusal feeling. So I went back to my room and I said (a little weird though) "Hey guys, I'm sorry but you can't be here right now, unfortunately something came up" They looked a little stunned. It was just so strange because I didn't feel 'guilty' or just scared to stand up for myself.

      So I'm just wondering what this means. Could it perhaps mean that I am slowly gaining confidence? Or just that this is simply how I want to be? I'm looking forward to your comments.

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      It's weird but somehow I think I know how you feel. I'm a shy guy too if that's relevant.
      I guess these three people are your negative self image, or the way you think others see you. I don't know the meaning of three is though. Leaving your own room may be self rejection. But you do the right thing, go back and throw them out! I guess the meaning is not to internalize rejection, but to cast out the negative thoughts.


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