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    Thread: Being a car

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      Being a car

      This has happened for the past weeks, every night for 8 days I had similar dreams, with some repetitive happenings in them. I'll only refer to three of these dreams for my sanity's sake (and for the health of my keyboard) but I'll resume the repetitive happenings in the end if you don't find them clear enough in my explanation.

      So the dream starts as any other average non-lucid dream would start, and I find myself missing the bus I usually take to school (which would be hard since school ended a while ago, silly me ) with some more DCs. After that, we kept walking to school, but I decided to get my car and give a ride to the DC who was right on my side. Suddently I find myself and the DC running towards school, and just out of the blue we both turn ourselves into cars and race to the school gates. He wins, I lose. Then someone else challenges me to another race, and before the race starts I find this same DC trying to sabotage my car.

      The second dream was rather long and out of the "racing" context, but still, I turned myself into a car again, so I'll just resume it briefly.
      -After a lot of non-related happenings, I was in my town looking for 2 friends of mine that just disappeared. I then transformed into a car again and went out looking for them. Yet, when it was already dark I still hadn't found them, and I felt kinda "defeated" when I woke up. Maybe defeated is the wrong word. I had that feeling that I've lost something important, I guess 'melancholy' would fit it better.

      On the third dream, someone was supposed to give me a ride to an hospital for some reason, but I declined. I said I'd go on my own and so I turned yet again to a car again. However, when I arrived to this hospital I was supposed to go, it was already dark, and there was no one else around.

      Now onto the most notorious repetitive events on these dreams:
      I always turn into the same car in every dream - a red, sports car, much like a dodge viper
      If it's about a race, I always lose. If I'm supposed to find someone/go somewhere, it's always dark when it happens and I never accomplish what I was supposed to
      And lastly, there's always someone trying to stop me from turning into a car, like the guy who was trying to sabotage "my car" (though when I touched the wheel he messing arround with, it felt like I was touching my own leg). On a different dream, I wanted to give a ride to some DCs, but someone else proposed the same and they all went along with him, instead of with me (again, 'defeated').

      like whoa, that was long, but hopefully I gave enough details for a possible interpretation.

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