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      Hey, could anyone please mind doing the interpretation of my dreams...

      The time when i had this dream was about 3:20 am (if it helps)...

      I had this dream a week ago that i was going to this bathroom and i was near the basin that i saw this broken shoulder on the handrest of this bath tub through the mirror, and i thought that someone was having a relaxing bath but then when i turned around, what i could see was only the broken shoulder with sleeves rolled up till the elbow and the arm was just there on the hand rest of bath tub and there was some blood on this shoulder...I was well scared and i went out of the bathroom...I saw this person(whose arm was it) , (this was one person who actually liked me.."or what he called love" but then i wasn't much into him, and we cut off and he then got interested into someone else, and i believe he broke up with that girl and came up to me like 2 weeks ago as if he wanted to share and also looked as if he still had that soft corner for me...do keep in mind that we weren't much in a contact! but we did used to talk once in a while but not much)
      *continuing the dream* and then he was there and i was very scared thinking what did he do! He had this blood on his shirt and top of the shoulder...dont know from where i had this thinking that he cut his shoulder with a scissor...
      and he was looking at me with this different kind of smile or a smug :s Then i woke up

      I also had the dream of ants the same night...coming out from somewhere and i was just staring at them and wondering where might have they come from...

      Moreover, to let you know that eventually, i did start to have some feelings for that boy before we cut off...and now i had totally overcome him...

      Someone please interpret this dream for me,,,, coz i've been really confused and really want to know ATLEAST something about this dream to what can it mean or if it signifies of anything

      Thanks in advance

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      Thats interesting. The boy in your dream probably symbolizes your want for a relationship with somone. The cut off arm is probably your fear of not having that or it breaking up or somone being hurt. Him grinning at you is a bit creepy. Just some short input from me at 3:00 in the morning so i may revise it later =P.

      Lucid dreaming is such a tauntingly simple thing to attain...


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