Hello to everyone out there, this is my very first post here. Today I found myself compelled to share and seek some advice with a dream I 'experienced' last night. I have long been interested in the interpretation of dreams and have read several books on the subject. But of late I have had a couple of very vivid dreams in relatively close proximity (I usually don't experience vivid, lifelike dreams very often).

So to the details of the dream first:

I am in a car with a coworker, she is driving and we are in a convertable. This is not her real-life vehicle. I believe though that I may have 'borrowed' this scenario from the previous day, since we had been driving for work together.
The weather is fine, but I'm not really noticing it or ignoring it, it just is.
We are driving around streets that are near to the home where I grew up. I do not live there anymore, I live in another city now.
There is not a lot of focus on this, other than i am aware that I am close to home and I recognize the streets where we are.
More obscure (hazy in memory almost) my coworker, let's call her Jane, shows me a sawed-off shot gun. I don't know where we are when she shows me, but I know that I am very shocked that she has this and it creates a sence of worry, though she is pretty oblivious.
So as we are driving I suddenly become aware that there is a man following us and trying to get us to stop and pull over. This is very sinister, he is fit, large, good looking yet exudes menace and dread washes over me.
In my dream I am aware that his connection to us is Jane. She knows him. I know it is connected to the gun.
I am also aware that he is in a gang or almost a part of the maffia. Very powerful, but very seriously deadly.
Throughout the dream we try to evade him by driving familiar streets. But along our journey Jane keeps stopping at public places, stores specifically and I go in.
We are then driving again, and this happens over and over. I have the feeling that we are trying to lose or somehow evade him but trying to make it look as though we are just carying on with our normal business.
Then there comes a point in the dream, where on the side of the road there is a steep and wide ditch. He veers his car and begins driving parallel to us. It should be noted that I am aware at this point that he has a long rifle, which has become an automatic military grade weapon.
Somehow by driving in this ditch he overcomes us and we are forced to stop. He suddenly appears at the passenger side of the vehicle (my side) and leans over. He is angry, yet calm. He is speaking to Jane, but has is machine gun with him. Then he puts the barrel against my head.
There is some 'calm' arguing that is going on between them. He is threatening her and she is acting confused.
At this moment I am deathly afraid, but still hoping that the situation will be resolved. And then in one moment, I am suddenly aware that I am going to die. That this man doesn't have a thought or feeling for me, anymore than he would a spider he'd step on. Suddenly I calm myself and become resolved to the fact that I will die and that it will be quick and I won't feel anything.

The dream ends...

So about me:
First I should let you know that I am a mature 26 year old female. I am very career oriented and live alone with my two cats. I have dated lately but nothing has stuck, I just am too busy with work. I don't go out, no nightlife really, mostly I stay at home to work late, or I enjoy my hobbies like reading etc. I was married for three years and am now divorced. What I'm trying to say is that I've been told that I am 26 going on 46.

Also, it should be noted that I don't watch action movies, I've never seen the Sapranos, I like Jane Austin books and films.

Nothing in my dream is in anyway familiar or rather does not directly relate to my real life except for the obvious things that I noted, the location and my coworker.

I am perplexed.... what does this mean.... why am I so shaken by it....

Your help is greatly appreciated and I gratefully wait for your responses and insights.