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      Spanish Class

      I was in my spanish class. the desks were all jumbled and completely disorganized. and i was putting on eyeliner with my finger. there was a short, balding african american kid with an accent talking. the teacher kicked him out because he wasnt supposed to be in our classroom. me and a few other people follwed out into the hall and then came back into the room because the teacher was done yelling. i got back to my desk and there was colorful, sparkly eye shadow (i usually only wear black) and a mirror sitting on my desk. Some one told me that it was pretty eye shadow and they asked to use it too. with the mirror, i realized my make up was horrible. and then there was a nicely sharpened eyeliner on the desk. i wiped off the make up and started to fix it. the teacher handed out a test (next day i had a spanish test) and i didnt start until i finished my make up. the balding african american was back in the room and the teacher kicked him out again. he walked passed and shook everyone's hands. even mine. (it was cold and strong feeling) and then i felt someone on the other side of me touch my other hand lightly. i turned and it was the kid who sits behind me. (a friend i guess. we're too shy to talk to each other too much) he held my hand and smiled. i looked at him in a confused way and then smiled. and all of a sudden a really happy feeling took over. and then i woke up.
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      Some good imagery and feelings reported here Clara. The final scene has you feeling warm and generally "in love". It's a natural feeling that people often report in dreams and often associated with some surprising people. It doesn't mean that you fancy this guy. But there is something about him that you identify with that you've been looking for to make you feel "whole again". He won't be able to give it to you - it's for you to find in yourself! A part of you that you lost a long time ago.

      As for the other guy, he seems to represent another part of you. Some kind of misfit memory/emotion/experience inside you that wants to become part of you too but you feel very uneasy about it.

      Not sure what the eye shadow/liner is all about. What might that mean to you?

      The jumbled desks seems to suggest chaos in your learning. Not necessarily school learning but perhaps learning about who you are etc.

      These are just suggestions, although I'm fairly secure about the first bit.



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