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      Unhappy help me figure this out please

      last night i had a dream that i was hanging out with a group of people (some were my friends) and we were rollarblading and having fun, then the boys were like okay lets go back to devins house and i asked if i could come and they said no (pinetree students only) -pinetree is a highschool by the way
      then there like okay fine you can come, so i went to the guys house which ended up being my house it looked identical and we were walking and talking and laughing and all the sudden out of no where this boy put this cloth over my mouth and i dropped to the ground(the cloth had that chemical stuff that makes u sleepy or whatever)Anyways so i was paralized i couldnt move my body and i remember lying there looking up at everyone who was laughing and talking..and then i looked at my ex boyfriend and i was thinking "How could he jsut stand there, how could he betray me like this" and then a second later the kid put the cloth over his mouth and then he fell to the ground .. and we were both lying there.. a bit later i managed to move and i got away...

      but anyways that dream doesnt make any sense .. does it mean something..
      (i just started talking to my ex who i dreamt about .. i havent talked to him for months and ill dream about him every now and then, but i dont understand this dream)
      please help me if you can explain what this dream means if anything.
      Thankyou for reading that, and please reply.

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      Hi Stardust,

      well, for starters I'll move this into the dream interpretation section - you'll get better responces there.

      Secondly, I wonder if you happened to be partially awake just before this dream. I say this because it's possible you woke up just enough to experience sleep paralysis (a normal part of sleep process) and therefore your mind incorporated this into a thought or scenario as you fell right back into the dream.

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      An interesting one, Stardust, and not an easy one. It has a theme of trust and betrayal.

      Remember the dream characters are all parts of you, so you presumably feel you want to but can't trust your inner self(ves). Even your inner selves are in conflict as shown by your less-known friends turning on a part of you you know better (your ex).

      Difficult to say more about what these characters represent. What in waking life has you feeling like you did when they turned on you in the dream?


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