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      Exclamation irregular dream recall/interpret

      I had a dream a few nights ago, quite an interesting one, I will try to keep as close as I can to the details involved so that someone may be able to help me interpret it.
      The Below paragraph has been rephrased because even I do not now what I am talking about
      As I awakened I was aware that I had dreamt, lying in bed facing the wall, events played quickly in my mind, scribbling furiously down, what I had experienced, which was very unusual as I did not replay it form the start, but from the end, and like a ladder, put my foot down another rung, onto the previous rung, until I reached the point I can no remember at all.

      (shift down a rung)
      Mainly, colours are red, with the colour think pain, madness(not real madness, but my perception of what I felt could only be described by), and echoing hysterical laughter. I was severely afraid here, I I was standing in the inside of a U shaped open area which led into the distance, just before that I am aware of a bile, sickly, taste, it's awful. (The adjectives I use are NOT being exaggerated as so far as I can remember, as clearly as when I woke up, only the events themselves between, appear shrouded) A field of white is around me, my grandfather was present, eating what appeared to be a mountain of food, with me Mashed potatoes and chicken pops into mind... they taste vile, the only word I could put to it again is hysterical madness. (again not the real madness, but that sense, with a second underlying sense of a loud cacophonic ringing compulsion) But I know I must eat, for what is behind the door (read below for explanation)

      (Shift down a rung)
      It was a challenge of some sort perhaps, to eat the fill of the mountains of food, which was awful, rank, like the feeling you get when you wake up and that taste.

      (Shift Down a rung)
      A large figure with a commanding voice, sits higher than anyone else as they stand, there is a crowd, white canvas like ground mocking the gray insignifigant shadow people huddled in and around the man . There is a Door behind this figure, the two small mountains of food flank him, slightly in front of him, but the huge mountains appear dwarfed by him.

      (shift down a rung)
      shifting/raging colours flow around me, I feel buffeted by extreme forces, cacophonic wailing sounds, that I strained to hear.

      There you have the most baffling and stupid dream I believe I have had, what is unique is really how this was remembered, because I only remembered parts of this, I believe my sub-soncious tagged ONLY these events, as they had a purpose or an interpretation that they wished me to have. Again, I have made the dream as clear as possible, what is strange as I think of here, now, after that, and before, as it feels at the same time.

      I have NEVER experienced this before, NO wish to experience this again, as normal as my dreams are. Normally I systematically take each and every dream I have and record it, go through them, take parts and highlight possible interpretations, earlier dreams, recurring themes et cetera.

      As events are a little foggy around them I am baffled where to start, picking selections of events bring nothing, I can only hope that the veterans of Dreamviews can help me. Thank you for your time, that is a mighty wall of text

      it would be my curse that half these feelings cannot be transferred into words, more like the general and imprecise terms that interconnect hate/fear/madness/rage and snow/white/canvas/material.
      Perhaps these are far too general as language cannot achieve the implications of what I am speaking about, I try to explore each and every dream, from all senses, not just sight, what I feel, physical and emotional, what I hear, taste, see. All to broaden my horizons while I sleep as if I limit myself to sight only, I basically put a blinker on dreams, although this was different, trying to piece this out. I hope I can find someone to help me, just what this is about, the implications of anything I feel, from the re-writ I do believe the dream is more presented as it was to me in waking. Though I CANNOT put this dream down to a very imaginative fancy.
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