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      Unhappy Demonic spirits, woke up in terror

      I had a creepy dream last night..

      I was in some kind of mansion/house. I noticed had bloody bandages on my legs and I tried to find a place to change to take them off. I went to the basement of the house and found a restroom. But for some reason I couldn't take the bloody bandages off there. I climbed the stairs up again, and saw strangers coming in.

      Then, I was in gloomy little room. There were some people talking quietly to each other. Suddenly I couldn't see the people any more, but a floating little brick appeared in front of me. I felt demonic presence. The brick telepathically or somehow told me that it doesn't do any harm to me if I buy something for it..

      The next I remember, is that I am again in a small dark room alone, but it's different than the previous one. I am sitting by a little table. Then I look at my left, there is a shadow thing with a base ball cap (or some kind of hat) on it's head, very close to me. It was crouching and it was looking at me (even it didn't seem to have eyes). I screamed in horror and that thing disappeared. Carefully I sneaked at the door and peeked at the corridor. I didn't see the ghost there.

      Then I woke up and I was in pure terror for a while.. What was the meaning of this nightmare?
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      I dont know,I would highly suggest moving it to the dream and visions forum subject at christianforums.com theese types of dreams are common over there


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