I am standing in a medicin store and behind the counter is an older woman with brown or dark hair I believe. I am obviously looking for some healing items. On my shoulder I seem to have a small burned wound. Then I start acting clumsy and a bit wild and I seem to be pulling down some brochures and other stuff in that room. So the woman behind counter comes to help me pick up all the things I run against. I pick up 2 coats from the floor that I know intuitevely in dream are from my ex-girlfriend and I hang them back on a place on the wall. (one of coats was a blue one that I clealy recognized as one of her's. Then I suddenly get a call from my mother on a mobile phone and she is telling me I have an appointment with a hairdresser so i rush out the medicin store and i seem to be on some kind of a domain with a giant netlike web around it, like a net made of ropes like in playgrounds where you can fall through with a leg or something. With force I try to make my way through the net but I get stuck with my foot in it, but I use force to brake free and I get on other side. There I go sit down on a bank to get a better contact on my phone. Some people in big luxurious cars are driving by and looking angry at me because I made my way through unorthodoxely, without a lot of tact, just doing whatever had been needed to get past this web.End of dream