I never recall having dreams of ghosts before. So this is a first. But keep in mind, I was really pissed off at both ghosts in both dreams.

First one (dated sometime Monday 24th December 2007):

I was in my bedroom trying to readjust my new bra in front of my mirror. Noticed my door kept on opening just slightly. I went to close and lock it each time. But after like 3 times, I got pissed off and opened my door widely to see if anything was blocking it. Nothing was there. Then I attempted to slam my door shut, but it failed to do so. It stopped just about 1 inch of closing. I tried again and again. But with each time, the gap would widen. I even put all my weight on the door but it would refuse to budge.

By this time, I was screaming loudly and cussing all over the place. I knew there was a ghost present. I told it to piss off and get the hell outta here. I did not need it there and that it can go bother some other shithead.

But it didn't move. (invisible ghost BTW - but I could feel it). So I sat on my bed and just glared at where it was standing. Mumbling under my breath and still cussing like a mad woman.

Then I remember saying: This better be a fucken dream... (sadly, that did not cue me to go lucid.)

The dream continues on with some background of the ghost and her daughter . I ended up having to help the daughter because she was in danger of getting killed.

Additional info:

Towards the end I saw the ghost. She was a rather attractive female. Sandy, short blonde hair. Stood around 5'7-8". Slim. Large blue eyes. Around mid 30s.
Died from a car addiction on a wet, rainy night - in the middle of a road that was surrounded by trees.

The daughter was also pretty attractive herself. Caramel coloured hair. Wavey and long. Tied back in an elf like fashion. Slim. Stood around 5'7". Around 17 years of age. Held her mother while she died. Cried alot.

Red coloured font is from a flashback in the dream. The ghost made me see that flashback.

I did not see the daughter through to being safe from her attackers. I woke up before then.

2nd dream (dated sometime 26th Dec 2007):

I was outside (I do not know where, but the ground was largely covered in flawless and perfect, white-ish grey concrete). It was night time with few clouds in the sky. Iono what the occasion was, but there were other cars and vans parked there too.

We were about to all head home. Until I saw this ghost. It was a figure of a young man, except the legs were kinda like a trail of blue, transparent smoke. He was flying around all over the place, haunting everybody.

I got pissed off. I told it to fuck off. It was not needed here. Instead, it just continued to fly in different directions to provoke me even further. I kept on telling it off. Then, it stopped. Flew behind me and touched my neck. I went cold. Felt like ice. I knew it was the ghosts' doing. I was about to tell it off again but I woke up.

Some info about me:
I hate horror films. They scare me. I have not watched one since I can remember. I avoid them and ads about them, at all costs.
I've been emotionally unstable the past week. Mostly consisted of anger and depression.
I'm sick, so my mum reckons it's just cause of that that I've had these dreams.
I stand around a height of 5'7". Very dark brown hair and eyes. Slim. Asian.