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      RC Motor Vehicle Madness

      I was in my backyard. (I have a frontyard too.) My old friend (i visited him recently from my home town, sadly he never hung out with me though because he is still caught up in the world using pot and alcohol heavily), appeared on the rooftop of my house. I was right under him on the backside of the house. He came off to the yard, my brother was in there (he is still in the world too also using pot and alcohol ,we live in smae house but dont hang out or talk at all) , I think my dad was there too. My friend (Jimmy) kinda ignored me and talked with my brother. My brother had a bunch of motor vehicles scattered around in the yard, such as dirtbikes, atvs, etc. (He has some in real life) One of them was a golf cart, it was the main vehicle. The driver could control the other motor vehicles via remote control while simulataneously driving the cart. My brother told Jimmy he could try it out, so Jim gets in the drivers seat and my brother in the shotgun seat. Jim starts it up and gasses it , I hop on the back quickly just in time. Jim looks at me in a "suprised oops" kind of way. So hes driving around the yard and tried to operate the other vehicles via remote control, he struggles to control them but just collides with them. He only has the skill to control them only for a short moment and then he crashees them or into them. END

      Note:when I say a persons 'in the world' I mean that from a christian perspective
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