I don't usually worry about dreams, but this one was weird enough I keep thinking about it - It is kind of a multi part dream also, the first part makes sense to me but since it is part of the whole dream I included it, the second part is what disturbs me as It makes no sense to me

part 1

start off with - I'm going back to a nudist resort (I don't remember going in the dream, just knowing i was going back, also i have never been to one in real life btw) because I forgot my nudist resort ID, so they let me in to find it (not naked) and while I'm in there I see my parents although I don't remember seeing any nudity at all while i was there. I'm pretty sure I found it and was deciding whether to stay but decided it was too late in the day to be worth the cost of staying the day, I don't recall that my parents were there as mattering too much either way

part 2

looking for something to do, It's dark, I get into a white 4 door futuristic almost cube like Japanese style car and I am driving in Europe, the car however does not stop, it will slow down but never stop. we get to a castle and then the car stops [there was something about seeing the queen, or the procession of the queen being nearby, I remember seeing an prominent flash of an image of the queen and I don't remember any spectators around], I get out of the car and there is a horse, [i don't recall a reason] I start leading the horse around by a leash, within the castle we then start to go up a set of stairs (stairs are open wooden stairs where one could jump from one flight to another) and the the horse starts jumping from one flight of stairs to another but the leash accommodates this and doesn't pull me. I get the horse under control and we continue to the top. when we get to the top horse was either the size of a small dog or was a small dog, as I noticed there was a body on the floor, human shape but looked cartoonish (odd proportions/colors) but had feet where the head would be and I remember something about a head nearby,[this part disturbed me both in the dream and of course afterwards] but no blood or any evidence of violence, I then remember the mini horse/dog running towards the body and entering it somehow

side notes - part 1 - I can justify it as I have had some interest in visiting a nudist camp, and have some suspicion my parents have had some interest at one point, although I have never been, generally I am uptight about my body and wear a shirt all the time (I am a guy)

part 2 however I can not make sense of, I have wanted to go on a trip to Europe but other then that nothing clicks. I have never taken drugs in my life and I'm not taking any medications and rarely even have dreams significant enough to remember in the least

would be interested in hearing any body's interpretation