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      Strange Dreams - Do they Have Meaning?

      How about dreams in which you are not really in 'reality' so to speak? A dream in which everything is completely strange and not earthly; do these dreams have meaning?

      For instance, last night I had a dream in which I was browsing an internet forum looking for a particular thread. When I found that thread and clicked it, I was suddenly thrust into space and was passing stars and planets - a bit like that old Macintosh screensaver in which the little white pixels fly at the screen. However, I was no longer looking at the computer screen. I was actually, physically in space. This may not have been so strange if I was simply floating in the cosmos, but eventually I came upon a grouping of planets. Each had a specific face to them. I remember approaching a moon that had an upside-down face on it. It was essentially a cartoon moon face only flipped over. Again, this may not have been strange if it were only the face, but the moon proceeded to talk and converse; not with me, but with his 'landlord'. The landlord was an asteroid with another cartoon face on it. I just remember knowing that the landlord asteroid wanted his rent money and that the moon was not able to pay. This infuriated the asteroid - causing it to fling parts of itself at the moon. The moon, not phased by the onslaught, calmly floated there. Then, from above, what only can be described as a 'space fish' floated down and was licked by the moon. The fish then flew away.

      The moon was somehow energized by the fish and the bottom of him shapechanged into one of those sombrero nacho chip holders that you may see at parties. Since the bottom of the moon was near the eyes and the mouth of the moon was above, the mouth of the moon took the nachos into it's mouth and then fired them at the oncoming asteroids from the landlord, effectively preventing itself from being destroyed. The landlord accepted his defeat and no longer required his money.

      My dream then changed locations and I was back to earth and 'reality'.

      I know this dream may sound a bit far-fetched, but it is really quite vivid. I even drew the moon and asteroid faces in my dream journal afterwards.

      Is there any meaning to this dream? The forum thread that I was looking for in my dream was my own that I created. I do not have a landlord nor do I owe money. I have never licked a fish or any other kind of animal.

      It's bothering me a bit that I would have such a strange dream.

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      Try expressing it in another way than as a story. You said you drew parts of it--try a drawing or painting expressing as much of the dream as you can, and you might see more of what it has to say. And you'll have a funky pitcher.
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      Abstract dreams and complex dreams are much harder to interpret. They do have meaning, every dream does, although some require much more work and time to interpret and freely associate.

      The problem with interpreting a dream like this is that it requires a lot of history about the individual - this is why, in therapy, one dream may be ignored until the therapist feels that they can interpret the dream; when they have the proper information about the individual to interpret the dream.

      This is because abstract dreams containt a lot of sentimental content which is simply too hard for another person to interpret. Each symbol could signify a thousand things in general, however, could signify ten-fold that with your own sentimental attachment.

      Sorry I cannot help you too much with this over a message board, but if you contact me outside the board and chat for a little, then I can help more.


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      This dream is a message from your subconcious. You are the moon, the astroid/landlord is your responsibilities (job, school, bills, parents, etc, etc.), and the fish represents the way that you avoid your responsibilities.

      This may be literal drug use, or another form of escapist behaviour. The act of licking a fish, coupled with the sombrero and nacho symbol may suggest that you are using Bufotine, a psychedelic drug obtained from licking the defensive excretions of the south american cane toad. It also may symbolize getting the munchies really bad from some really good mexican weed. Or it may be the unconcious expression of your desire to perform a sex act with a cracked out argentinian whore.

      Either way, I think the message is clear. You need to get your priorities straight. Sooner or later the grim meat-hook realities of life will catch up to you, despite your best efforts to avoid them. Please, reign in your habits now. Don't let your children grow up with no shoes.

      --Free and Healing for Four Days, 4 Hours and 19 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 10 Hours, by avoiding the use of 125 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me $18.81.


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