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    Thread: Egg Omen?

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      Egg Omen?

      I hate to keep bugging for interpretations, but this one is nagging me too.

      DH is a guy I like IRL. I think the rest is mentioned in the DJ entry, but if not, ask away if you need more information from me.

      The DH Affair-
      It started in a classroom. DH and I had a that class together, he was in front of me, and we were "sharing" our notes on Spiderman Chemistry [it really was called that]. His notes were in blue ink, the words, I cannot forget the emotions they evoked, even if the words may fade from me. He was eager and happy, they were words of liking, words of care. I think even some of the words even of relationships, but before I could answer a "yes," a guy came up from behind me.

      Randomly, eggs were placed on a plate, one with a broken yolk, one with poison lacing its yolk, and three that were perfect. His heart was broken.

      Back to the town, it's winter and the guy from before is with me. He's holding my hand but there's nothing more to it than that. DH wasn't there, but I sensed his emotions and his sadness and anger over this. I kept saying aloud, hoping he would hear, "It's not like that. It's just holding hands. I could care less." I pulled my hand from his with effort, and he left. DH seemed happy, like he wanted to see me and such, missing, wanting. I felt so bad that I hurt him.

      Off to a beach café, I ate each one of those eggs on a plate, realizing only later that I ate a poisoned one too. I was mildly surprised that I wasn't suffering from the food, each tasted of an emotion, each unique yet cravable.

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      This feels like you're working over your feelings for DH. Hanging with him in class and sharing notes and starting to talk seems like an indicator that you're thinking about the possibilty of being in a relationship with him. Just when relationships start to be discussed, the plate of eggs shows up. They feel like the most significant part of your dream. Eggs are about new things about to happen, which I guess a relationship would be. The condition of the eggs seems like you're going over possible outcomes or complicatins to the relationship: poisoned egg is a poisoned relationship/friendship; the broken one could be disappointment or maybe just coming out of your shell with him, and the three perfect ones seem like good expectations. Whatever they represent likely corresponds to the emotions you felt when eating them at the end of the dream? It seems like the two bad eggs are outnumbered by the three good eggs. Could that mean that overall your expectations are positive? Maybe his broken heart is a fear of hurting him?

      The change of scene to winter and holding hands with the other guy seems like perhaps you're exploring the idea of keeping yourself open to other options or looking for another guy? Winter seems to reflect how you were feeling about the other guy whose hand you held - you couldn't care less, so emotionally cold like the weather around you. Realizing you don't want to hurt DH and eating the eggs, even the poisoned one, perhaps symbolizes a willingness to take the future and any good or bad it may bring, embracing all the emotions for what they are.

      Hope that helps.


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