Hi all,

as I think this is probably an important dream of mine, I would like to share it briefly here and I also hope to have your comments and dream interpretation.

I'll just get to this part of the dream:

Somehow or other I became lucid and I put my 2 palms pressed together and recited either "Guan Yin" or "Namo Guan Yin Pu Sa" continuously.

Then the scene around me started to change.

I only remember this part of the changing scene around me:

There were 2 calligraphy posters, one on the left and one on the right.

There were 2 Chinese characters on each of them. The 2 Chinese characters are the same: the chinese character for the number "8"

Then I am reasonably sure I also noticed that there were extra pairs of arms with palms pressed together in front of my natural pair of arms. It seems to me that I had grown extra pairs of arms? (maybe grew extra 1 or 2 pairs of arms).

Then I woke up.

Any comments or attempts at dream interpretation would be appreciated. Thanks.

Karuna (Compassion)