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      Very weird dream, starts nice, then weird then scary

      Ok, I had a really weird dream last night, this is what it was:

      I was on a beach, looked nice and tropical, it was that bright white sand with the crystal blue water, it felt relaxed with just the sound of the waves, there was a girl there (who I never seen in real life), she asked me who I was and where she was, I told her who I was and that we are obviously on a beach somewhere but I don’t know where we are.

      The way the beach looked was kind of like a lagoon, so a shallow bit of water on one side, then a sand bar and the ocean on the other side – we where standing on the sand bar.

      There was a man talking to us (could hear him but not see him) and he was telling us the history of the island and about the people who used to live there and how they used to eat people if they didn’t like them, that freaked me and the girl out.

      We then seen something dark and black in the ocean part and it was coming towards use, we didn’t know what it was. Then we noticed 2 dolphins in the shallow part and the dolphins started shouting at us (yes the dolphins where talking), they where shouting at us to move away from the water because it was a shark, so we both ran into the shallow water, the Dolphins then said that they will get rid of the shark while we where trying to run to higher ground past the shallow water.

      Then the girl stopped and said to me “haven’t you worked it out” and I didn’t know what she was talking about and then she said “this is obviously a dream, dolphins don’t talk in real life, it has to be a dream, and how did we just appear on this beach and who was that voice from no where, it has to be a dream”, I then worked out “oh yea” (duh).

      We then looked at the shark at it had turned into a peaceful killer whale swimming in the water and the Dolphins where on the beach.

      Then all of a sudden we where both on a diving board platform (that just appeared on the beach) and she said again “see, this has to be a dream, how did we just move here from the beach and where did it come from”, she then said “We have to go, we have to wake before it comes, just please remember this, remember me when you wake up” she then dived off the platform and disappeared.

      I then woke up (or so I thought), I woke up in my bed, as I looked at the door I seen in the reflection there was a black figure behind me about to hit me with something he was holding up, as I started to turn around the girl from the first part of the dream was at the window shouting “Michael, your still dreaming, wake up! Wake up!”.

      Then I actually woke up.

      I had no idea at all what it means as I never seen the girl before, in real life or in my dreams, I never really ream about beaches, islands, oceans, sharks etc.

      I didn’t feel scared at the start of the dream, just felt very weird, I felt terrified at the end when I seen the reflection of the shadow before, because it was a shadow that I have seen many times before (I used to have a lot of sleep paralysis, but haven’t in about a year now), and it was always that shadow figure (dark man with a hat).

      Once I really woke up I realised that I should of known that me waking up in the dream was a dream because the door in the dream was different than in real life, in real life it’s whit with a silver handle, in the dream it was a wooden door with a gold handle (that’s where I seen the reflection)

      Anyone at all know what it might mean?



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      Welcome to Dreamviews Moc08.
      What a great dream. It reminds me of the TV show Lost, with your mysterious appearance on the island and an unknown threat.

      Lucky you had the friend with you to help you get lucid. You need to find her again and thank her. Helping you get lucid, and trying to save you from the sharks.

      Do you have lots of experience with lucid dreaming? Do you try to induce them, or do they just come naturally?

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      dude. that was a pretty crazy story. the fact that this "girl" was guiding you thoroughout the dream, and then telling you to wake up, almost as a warning, kinda scared me just reading it. then i got to the part about the shadowy man figure, and i almost shit myself. I have had stronger lucid dreams within the past few weeks, and EVERYTIME this dark figure like a man just like you described appeared and actually killed me in one dream i think. i get so shaken up everytime and i havent been able to figure out why it keeps appearing. DUDE!! please please please keep me posted and let me know what you find out about this shit. *shivers*


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