I am a music student that plays piano going to my communty college. I joined the 18 piece Jazz Big Band this semester along with a main (more skilled) pianist. Band practice just ended as we played our concert a week ago. Ive had my ups and downs way more downs though Im glad i stuck it out and performed as I believed the Holy Spirit was leading me to do so and enabled me to perform (i was very nervous and not confident about it). I had two dreams about it last night, although the band might be just the symbolism representing something else, im not sure.

The first one was weird as I was standing in a circle of just brass players (i remeber just sax players mabye other brass) playing a beautiful song in a practice room. But Instead of the original brass players in the band they were all beautiful girls my age that all looked similar like they were related. (Brunette brown eyes chick Stereotype) One of them was standing next to me in the circle (she wasnt playing anything) she was acting like she liked me , I could kinda tell she was playing games with me but i took the bait she took me to the edge of the circle. She had a cd in her hand and when she grabbed me i was demonically paralized in real life and yelled out to Jesus and I woke up.

The second one took place in a tropical setting with a bunch of small islands. I was on a small row boat traveling to each one. I was working doing matinence work (plumbing, etc.) My boss or supervisor was the main pianist. In real life he was friendly and encouranging but i could never get him to give me lessons or anything of the like (like he said he would but something would come up), he was always in a hurry, think he was on drugs too. So i was on my own the whole time. He transfered so i never saw him after. We were working on one of the islands. We were working for a while , I asked if we could break now. He said sure be back in 15. I told him thats not enough time becaus e I need to row back to the main island, use the bath room, eat , then come back. I forget what he said exactly something like ok take a little more time but keep it short