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      Strange dream .. plz help me to interprete!

      In my dream, I was staying at a hotel for a conference. So, one night after the day's work was over, I was lying on my bed reading a book. (I was sharing a suite with my boss.) So, he comes in and lies beside me on the bed. We're quite casual with each other and in the dream it didn't strike me as weird at all. Then he just turned and looked at me really intensely, and said "It's lucky that there's no sexual attraction between us, because then it would be really hard to play (then he said the name of a game, it doesnt really exist in real life)". I just looked at him and said, "Oh, do u really think so?", implying that there indeed is sexual attraction between the two of us. Then, I don't exactly remember what happened but we started getting undressed. It wasn't sleazy or anything, in fact it felt right. Then I was just there with my panties on, and he looked at them (cotton underwear), and said that he couldn't do it because I'm a virgin. I asked, can u guess that by looking at my underwear? He said, yes, and turned and left. He looked sorry for me, but he couldn't go on. I wasn't heartbroken either. It wasn't really about having sex, nor making love (the distinction lying in the emotions of the people involved) per se, but more like the 'meeting' of two people.

      This is really very strange because I'm not attracted to him.. at least not consciously. N I feel strange about this because I'm kinda young and I've met his children (9-yr old girls). He's a genuinely warm and very nice person. He's quite charming and knows how to talk to people. I am not at all infatuated with him, but I admire him for his achievements in the workplace - strictly professional.

      I dunno what's happened.. please help me understand what's going on in my mind!! This has been seriously disturbing me as I can't seem to look at him in the face without remembering the look in his eyes as he told me that it was lucky that there exists no sexual attraction between us.. and my reaction. Thanks for your help!
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      The dream itself sounds pretty straightforward, you arent attracted to your boss, he probably isnt particulalry attracted to you and the dream was merely reaffirming what you already knew. Its the way this dream has affected you that strikes me as strange.
      You should consider the possibility that your boss is a sorcerer and that was really him in that dream, trying to make you think about him and become infatuated with him.
      Also it could be some other type of being, not human, an inorganic being. If you want to kow about them i suggest you read Castanedas books.


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