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      Dyng baby and the cry of a baby

      I was awoken twice by a sound of a baby crying. Not in a sad way but in the way babies will make a loud sound every now and then just because they like to make sounds. It was extremely loud, jarring me from my sleep, like I was trying to be told something.

      Then I recalled my full dreams this morning. It had me visiting my niece's baby in the hospital. (this is seperate from the baby cry I heard). I was sitting on the hospital bed. It wasn't my bed but it was where I chose to sit to hold the very sick baby. My niece has a child and is expecting another. In my dream I don't feel this child was either of her 2 kids, I don't think she was pregnant in the dream either. I was panicing as the baby looked so frail. (I should note that my late father passed looking like a frail infant and I have thought since that infants look like people nearing the end of thier life). I knew the baby was going to pass in a matter of days. I asked my niece "what will happen, how will it happen" . She was calming me with an attitude that the death can't be avoided so nothing can be done.

      On the note of health worries. My niece is not only pregnant but was supposed to get her reproductive area worked on because she has major problems. I am concerned because of health problems in her side of the family and that she may not be telling me the truth of the severity.

      The other thing about kids is that I am a 41 year old cancer survivor and although cured and docs don't expect a return of the type of very curable cancer I had, I am concerned that wanting a baby in my forties may be selfish for many reasons. I always wanted kids and people have children into thier 50's in my family, but I want to be practical.
      So I thought could this pressing worry have contributed to my dream or is what it is about?

      Could this be a prediction of the baby or my nieces health. Or of mine.

      Could this be symbolic of something else all together?

      I just remember looking at this baby and knowing it was going to die and being filled with overwhelming sadness.

      Thank you?

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      Often dreams tell us a story. In real life we watch TV and we may all respond in slightly different ways to such stories. we relate to the characters different. I think you are probably correct in linking this dream to your own thoughts about having children. as a former cancer sufferer you are thinking about the chances of ill health much more. You recognize the frailty of life.

      Many people think that dreams contain messages. Yes thats true to a certain extent. But really dreams are often just our best guesses. Dreams are symbolic of judgements that we have to make. Often we do not have access to all the information that we require. For instance you maybe angry that a friend seems uncooperative and seems to have been sending out some very negative signals. That maybe the best guess that you can come to. Yet you may not have all the facts and you might be in ignorance as to the real reason for your friends strange behavior. So try not to see dreams as being the best source of advice. They merely reflect some latest judgement. That judgement is probably the best guess but could very easily be wrong.
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