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      For the past week or so, every dream I remember involves school. I am 17-years-old and I am going to be a senior. My brother is going to be a freshman and that is somewhat troubling. The odd thing is, I am never actually in much of school. I am there for about one class where it is unlike school. I do not learn anything and the only thing that happens are odd conversations that happen mid-dream and it is just odd.

      One dream involved me being given a car, it was nice and supposedly stolen. I crashed it and someone very wealthy was throwing money at me and then wanted to kill me. I went to a cabin and it was where I lived during school(WTF?) and my brother was there. And it was weird.

      last night I had a dream of talking to one of my teachers and it was weird because I didn't do a certain project so I did not complete her class. I always avoided her because I did not want to talk about it. I was in the class and I was agreeing to try and make a video game (she teaches social studies.)

      I've been having weird school dreams for at least a week now. Is it because I wanna go back to school or that I do not? I want to go back but I don't at the same time. So odd...
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      Hi vg99

      Schools tend to represent learning. Perhaps there is a message in your school dreams that you are not getting? Only you will be able to interpret it fully.

      For each school dream, write down the key ‘players’ in the dream. These are not necessarily DCs, but can be objects (such as the stolen car) or even emotions. Then you need to work out what each of those key elements means to you. For instance, the stolen car might represent danger. Or you may see it as thrilling. Sometimes, each element is an aspect of oneself. Sometimes, an element might represent a family member or close friend. Once you understand what these are, you start to build a picture pertinent to your current life situation. Then as you delve more into your own life, including hopes, fears, desires etc., etc., etc., you begin to see the “bigger meaning” of your dream and voila! It becomes a personal message.

      It can be hard work doing this…and very revealing. You will need to be truthful with yourself about yourself…which is no easy thing at times.

      But if you are serious about interpreting your dreams, then it’s well worth the effort.

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