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      Proving Capital Punishment Doesn't Work

      Yay, I've remembered at least 1 dream per night for the past 4 nights! That's after not remembering any dreams at all for the past, what, 2 or 3 years.

      Last night's dream was another falsely-accused killer dream. Ugh, not liking these.

      * I've been out of high school for a while... already out of college, too.

      * High school was hell. I was mostly friendless and shy.

      * I'm posting this from my phone, so I can't get the link to the similar dream last night - but check out my profile under "Aidee's Topics" or something like that.

      We pick up after I (presumably) have been convicted of a shooting at my old high school.

      I'm walking freely along the cells of the jail as I'm carrying my baby son, walking past a bunch of my old high school mates who have come to witness my execution. They don't seem to recognize me since they're all greeting me happily.

      I talk to a few of the guards about the lethal injection. After reading about it when I was incarcerated, I wanted to try something more humane. However, the powers that be wouldn't let me, so the guards were helping me out. The new poison had something to do with flower fertilizers.

      After that, I kind of realized it was a dream, so I made it go back to court to show video proof that I was holding onto all this time. I had waited until the last appeal to make a point -- proving capital punishment is a failed technique and that they would have killed an innocent man.

      The video showed me recording an innocent video at my high school cafeteria when a shooter comes in. I wrestle the gun away from him, but for some reason have to shoot him in self-defence. This video hits me hard and I have to turn away on the shooting part. I flinch when I hear the gunshot.

      I'm guessing everyone sees me shooting him and mistakenly think I'm the killer.

      Everyone is shocked... then I woke up.

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      Good for you for starting to remember your dreams!

      Death in a dream is often representative of change; like Father Time dying and the New Year baby taking over, or seasons turning sort of thing. A big, cyclical sort of change. Babies in dreams are also often symbollic of new beginnings. Could it be that being in the jail reflects some sort of transitional period that you are in right now between an old life and a new one in some sense, and that you are currently very contemplative of what path you will take and how things will go, as reflected by the discussion with the guards as to how it will take place? The flower fertilizer - well, food for growth, there! Also, your friends not recognizing you and being happy to see you seems to reflect that you see yourself as a new and better person, much evolved from your high school self...It seems that the transition feels quite positive despite the jail/death connotations of the dream. Could it reflect spiritual or internal growth, just from the imagery of the friends and the fertilizer?

      If you really have a new son, I wonder if the transition could be into being a parent, a new phase of your life and the growth and strength and confidence it has given you? If the dream had scary connotations - well, parenthood is scary!

      As for when you realize it was dreaming and it turns into a court case - I'm not sure this has meaning since you were controlling it at this point and buying into the conscious imagery of the dream rather than the subconscious intent. But that you were able to recognize and control a lucid dream and bring it to a positive conclusion does seem to indicate good mental or spiritual discipline and a positive outlook.

      Hope that helps!


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