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      Dream interpretation

      Hi everyone,
      I had an odd dream the other night that seems to have stuck with me.
      I dreamt I came into my house and it was flooded, it was only flooded because there had been a leak in the bathroom but I remember feeling terrified. I ran from the house and stood in the street screaming for my husband because I was so frightened.
      Also when I ran out of the house the setting changed, it wasn't my street, it was a street with shops and when I turned to look at the house that had also changed to an unfamiliar building.
      Does anyone have ideas what this is all about??

      Posted this is in Newbie Zone as well so apologies if anyone has already read/replied there

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      Hi FranH

      Houses tend to represent ourselves. And water generally means emotions. As the bathroom is generally the 'private' room of a house, this could be emotions emerging from a part of you that is hidden from the rest of the world.

      It seems like your emotions are too strong and 'flooding' you right now. And that fact that your house changed may mean you are going through/have gone through some sort of transformation?

      Dream a little dream with me

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      The house could represent either your household, or your soul's house (yourself). One leak becomes a flood - perhaps a warning against how quickly getting overly emotional can get you into bigger problems.

      Hubby is a stabilizing figure in your life, yes? Perhaps signifies your need for stability in a prticularly emotional and troubling part of everyday life (doesn't have to be a big crisis, but perhaps something small - e.g. in career - that is worrying you)

      I have a feeling that the change from your house to a completely different street when you come outside is message that, "This too shall pass".

      All in all - keep communicating with those you trust about those small niggles that have gotten to you lately, but the worries will pass soon anyway.
      “Love is an attempt to change a piece of a dream-world into reality.”
      - Henry David Thoreau


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