I will try to remember most of it, but here it goes.

I'm driving my mom to the backyard of a daycare, and I get out of the car, and she drives off. At this time I see a few girls who looks my age, and one girl who I know in waking like as one from my current (11th grade) class. So far in the dream I'm confused, because I don't know if I am there to be babysat or to look over the kids like the other girls my age, but I tell them I am there for the latter in order to not look like a loser.

The girl who I know in real life, well, I hate her so much. During my freshman year she basically told me how disgustingly unattractive I was In front of my entire homeroom, and since that day I have always been self conscious and have not really had a relationship.(I havent before that either). Needless to say that day ruined my life.

Anyway back to the dream. After I tell them I am there for the same reason they are, I look at them, and I get a feeling one of them is sexually attracted to me. Then I go into the inside of the building, a kitchen area I think. Then, the girl who ruined my life comes in, and I try to avoid her, because I'm thinking that one of the girls outside like me, but she keeps trying to talk to me.

Its at this time that I realize that SHE is the one who is sexually attracted to me (what a twist)! And we start to make out, and are on the verge of sex. But right when we are about to have it, one of the adults comes in and interrupts us.

Also, I have never before found this girl attractive, maybe a 5/10 on the scale.