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    Thread: I almost died

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      I almost died

      I had a dream last night and most parts I can remember, but some parts are a blur.

      I was at someone's house, like a party or something and then they had this selection of people that they were going to kill. I know that we had done something, but I can't remember what it was. So there was about 15 of us, all stuck in this bedroom at the house and these people decided they were going to kill us two people at a time. I feel bad about it now, but I was begging for them to kill everyone else. I was crying and pleading with them to not kill me.

      Then, someone I knew in my dream, but I don't think I know really chose me as one of the first people. I bolted into another bedroom and locked the door. I was terrified. After a while of hiding, the other girl they picked (I can remember her name being Angie, but again, I only knew her in my dream) came crying to the door, begging me to let her in. I opened ther door and she was standing there in this big bear costume and she pushed the door open, breaking the lock. I panicked and ran into the next room, leaving her there. She had somehow changed back to her normal self.

      I locked the door in this bedroom and discovered that I could escape from the window. So I jumped out and slid along on my stomach in the dark so no one would see me. I found this place to hide, except it was in the light and I was easily visible to anyone, but I felt safe. The person after me had all of a sudden changed into a seven year old boy and he kept running back and forth past me, but her never saw me. Then Angie was there and she spotted me first and then the boy. I ran again and it turned into a game of hide and seek except I was fearing for my life. After that, every time I found somewhere to hide, my dog would find me and the boy would come and I would have to run again.

      I have no idea what this dream means...

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      probably nothing, just a nightmare.


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