I've been told that your dreams are your subconscious trying to talk to you, and I've always wondered what this one might mean. (Note: It's out of my Dream Journal, so the tone is less than professional to say the least.)

♪ It starts with me in a car in the middle of my city. I am by the facet. I strike a match and hold it under the opening where the water comes out. Instantly, a candle flame appeared under the opening and this thing began spewing fire and boiling water! (it doesn't make since to me either) It started a few quick, small fires in my kitchen and the water burned the HELL out of me! I then
went into my living room to show my mom for some reason, she said what happened and I said I dropped something on my foot (A lot of the burning was on my foot).Then me and my whole family started driving around and it was awfully peaceful. (the windows were almost impossible to see through. Potential RC?) My Mom gave me a piece of paper that said, "If you could wish for one thing, what would it be?" We all had the paper. I wrote something about wanting to a be a better Irish Person (You know, like stick with me Irish heritage). My answer said the word shit and I didn't want my father to see it. He said he would read them later. Then we were home and he said he was gonna read mine but I gave him a revised version. He took it and I tried to take the old one but he grabbed it. We tugged on it for like two seconds and it tore in just the perfect manner that his chunk of it only had the word shit. He looked disappointed and sad. THE INTERESTING PART---------------->
Then we were in the car again, whole family, just driving along WHEN SOME CRAZY FUCK SHOOTS OUR CAR WITH AN RPG! Somehow it does no damage, but it shakes us (me really). Then we kept driving and were hit with another! It blew off the the fucking door! There was some place we had to go, but a place full of Middle Eastern people (7-11) was in the way. (I know it sounds racist and funny, but it was scary as hell!) We came close to our destination, but then some weird stuff happened. The car was now filled with Aziz Ansari and Rob Huebel of Human Giant. () They are now ordering from a fucking Wiener schnitzel. (It's strange. It's almost as if I am Aziz. But I am not in the dream any more.) Me/Aziz (Me-ziz! ) get out of the safety of the car to go order. Rob parks the car in the back. Me-ziz orders and goes to the back. Upon arrival I (yes, it's me now) notice a postal worker and an old Arabian Gypsy woman near the car and I think, "Oh shit! That woman is a suicide bomber!!" She eases herself near the car. I notice that my friend Julio is standing about 6 feet away and I get a sense that no one is in the car. I yell at the postal guy, "SHE'S GONNA FUCKING BLOW YOU UP!" All he does is stop what he's doing and walk up to me and Julio, who is now like 3 feet away. He stops, looks me SQUARE in the eye and suddenly SCREAMS, "ALALALALALALALALALALALALALA!" and begins chasing me and Julio. The postal worker went fucking postal! I run as fast as I can. After about five solid minutes of chasing (through out which this man began looking more and more Arabic) I yelled to my friend, "Julio! Do it now!' and out of no where he had a suicide bomb on himself and pulled the chord! It did nothing and he just laughed like it was a joke. I laughed too. Then we went back to facing the imminent death at hand. I guess this pissed the guy off because Julio got tired and stopped running and I kept it up and he took right after me! (I know! What a jerk!) We started playing cat and mouse and it came to my attention that we were just running around one building (I think it was a laundromat). Suddenly I knew it was over. I could run no longer. Suddenly the road turned to dirt (HOW DO I NOT NOTICE THESE THINGS!!!). I then stopped, turned, and decided what I was gonna do. I counted, one, two, and three! I tackled that guy! HARD! But of course on his way to the ground he detonated his suicide bomb thus killing me and ending the dream.